Good news – the popular Canadian coffee chain does accept Apple Pay![1] Before you rush off to try it out, you should know some essential details.

Whether you're a longtime Tim Hortons customer or looking to try your first Timbit, I'll give you the lowdown on how to use Apple Pay on your morning Tim Hortons run.

  • Yes, Tim Hortons does accept Apple Pay in-store and online and has done since around 2017
  • There is no additional fee or minimum spend requirement for Tim Hortons customers who use Apple Pay
  • You can pay for your Tim Hortons order using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad
  • You can use Apply Pay to pay for orders, reload your Tim Hortons card, and buy merch

Can I Use Apple Pay At Tim Hortons In 2024?

Yes, almost all Tim Hortons accept Apple Pay for in-person and mobile app purchases.

However, as with any new technology, some franchise locations may still be playing catch-up and need the latest payment tech in place.

So, before you go all-in on Apple Pay for your next caffeine fix, it's best to double-check with your local Tim Hortons to avoid any payment snafus.

If you're one of the lucky ones with access to this payment method, sit back and enjoy a more convenient and secure way to indulge in your favorite treats, like an order of my favorite Tim Hortons Timbits!

Apple Pay On Phone Screen

When Ordering In Drive Thru

The answer to does Tim Hortons take Apple Pay at the drive-thru is yes! They have also introduced a new app feature that lets customers order ahead before reaching the drive-thru window.[2]

The app supports Apple Pay, credit cards, and the Tims card. So all you need to do is add your preferred payment method to the app and scan it when you purchase.

With this new feature, you'll have your piping hot coffee in hand even faster and with less hassle.

When Ordering Online

If you love the convenience of online and mobile ordering, you'll be happy to know Tim Hortons accepts Apple Pay as a payment method for your online or mobile order!

So with just a few taps on your smartphone, you can satisfy your cravings and earn rewards without fumbling with cash or cards.

Making online or mobile orders is as easy as drinking your favorite Tim Hortons refresher!

Tim Hortons Scan and Pay

When Ordering In Store

Tim Hortons accepts Apple Pay in-store at nearly all of its locations. So no matter how you prefer to order, you can easily pay with just a tap of your phone.

To use Apple Pay in-store, add your preferred payment method to your phone's wallet app and hold it up to the contactless reader at the checkout.

With this simple and secure method, you can enjoy your favorite Tim Hortons Double Double without digging through your wallet.

Tim Hortons Shop

When Did Tim Hortons Begin Accepting Apple Pay?

Tim Hortons began installing the terminals required for contactless payments to accept Apple Pay in 2017, signaling the company's interest in offering this and other payment options.

The acceptance of Apple Pay quickly followed the completion of the terminals.

While there was no official "start date," it's evident that the company has been trying to implement Apple Pay for several years.

How To Use Apple Pay At Tim Hortons

To use Apple Pay at participating Tim Hortons locations, hold your iPhone close to the payment terminal and authenticate your purchase using Touch ID or Face ID on the checkout screen.

If your card is set up for Apple Pay, you can use it at any Tim Hortons location where NFC-based contactless payments are supported.

Tim Hortons has also introduced a mobile app that makes ordering and paying for your breakfast even easier.

Download the Tim Hortons app from the App Store and create an account. Once logged in, you can add funds to your account and make in-app transactions using Apple Pay.

And if you want to add your Tims, credit, or debit card to the app, that's also easy to do.

Tim Hortons App

What Other Payment Options Does Tim Hortons Accept?

In addition to Apple Pay, Tim Hortons accepts cash, Google Pay, coupons, debit cards, credit cards, or Tim cards.

You can place orders through the Tim Hortons app or at a physical store, and your payment will be processed securely.

If you have an Apple Credit Card, you can place orders and earn even more cashback with Apple Pay at participating merchants like Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons accepts most major credit cards, so you can use your preferred payment method to earn rewards on things your purchase.

And if you're a fan of using cash, that's also an option. Just keep in mind that cash payments are not eligible for reward points.

Tim Hortons Mobile Payments

Common Apple Pay at Tim Hortons Questions

Does Tim Hortons charge a fee to use Apple Pay?

Tim Hortons do not charge additional fees for using any payment method, including Apple Pay, debit cards, and credit cards. This means that you can use the payment method that works best for you without worrying about incurring any extra costs.

Can you reload a Tim Hortons card with Apple Pay?

You can reload your Time Hortons card and add money to your Tim Hortons rewards card using Apple Pay through their mobile application. 

Can I cancel my order if I pay at Tim Hortons with Apple Pay?

You can cancel your Tim Hortons order if you pay with Apple Pay, even if you order ahead. To cancel or modify your Tim Hortons order, notify the store where you placed it and show your phone to the manager with the order details from the email receipt or the app's "Recent" tab.

Can I pay with an iPad at Tim Hortons?

You can use your tablet to pay at Tim Hortons, though it may not always be convenient for in-store purchases.

Does Tim Hortons have a minimum purchase for Apple Pay?

Tim Hortons has not set an official minimum purchase amount for Apple Pay. Nevertheless, some franchise locations may decide to establish a minimum amount, usually around $5.  

Can I pay using my Apple Watch at Tim Hortons?

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch to pay at Tim Hortons if paired with an iPhone with Apple Pay enabled. To make a payment, double-click the side button on your Watch and hold it near the payment terminal.

Can I add my Tim Hortons card to my Apple Wallet?

You can add your Tim’s card to your Apple Wallet.[3] To add your Tim Reward Card to your Apple wallet, simply open Tim Horton's new iPhone app, click the "+" button in the passbook, and enter your card details manually or with your camera. That makes it possible to pay with the in-app barcode.

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

Yes, Starbucks does take Apple Pay. They were one of the first major retailers to accept Apple Pay when it was launched in 2014.


“Does Tim Hortons take Apple Pay” - yes! You can checkout in moments both in-store and online.

Additionally, with the new Tim Hortons app downloaded, you can order and pay for your favorite drinks and snacks directly from your smartphone.

So the next time you visit Tim Hortons, try Apple Pay and experience the ultimate convenience at the register.



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