I get what you are saying: "A whole article about whether any Starbucks accept Apple Pay?"

So, let me tell you about all those times I was late to meet with friends or pick up my parents from the airport.

I stood in line for ages, digging through my wallet and wasting precious time that could have been spent with loved ones.

With all the information I’ve learned below, you will glide through the Starbucks drive-thru smoother than a penguin in an ice hockey rink.

Yes! The answer to “does Starbucks take Apple Pay” is a resounding yes.

You can use Apple Pay[1] at participating Starbucks locations in the US via any recently updated iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.[2]

You can use Apple Pay to pay for your order and get and reload a Starbucks gift card for no additional fees.

Thanks to the single-touch payment system, you can breeze through any Starbucks drive-thru, Starbucks mobile app transaction, and any local Starbucks outlets across the country to get your favorite Starbucks espresso drinks.

Just make sure that your Apple device runs iOS version 11 or later and has a POS that supports Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable contactless payments.

Paying Using Apple Pay

Experience The Perks: Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Starbucks!

Starbucks accepts Apple Pay as a payment method, but what is in it for you?

The benefit of using Apple pay and other mobile payment methods to get your ridiculously expensive venti mocha are:

It's Extremely Fast

Using Apple Pay in-store makes checking out a much faster experience. You'll be able to dive into your Starbucks matcha drink even faster (my personal favorite).

Just picture it: No digging for your wallet, no dropping cash all over the floor, and no PIN input.

With just a tap, you can be in and out of your nearest Starbucks outlet in just a few minutes when you use Apple Pay at Starbucks.

Convenience Is Key!

One-handed checkout that is smooth and easy when you use Apple Pay at Starbucks.

After you link Apply Pay to your Starbucks account, you can easily keep track of your spending and earn more Starbucks Stars with no effort.

Plus, topping up your Starbucks cards takes only a few moments.

Talk about convenience!

Person using Apple Pay at a counter

It Keeps Information Secure

Paying with credit or debit cards runs the risk of hackers and fraudsters stealing your payment information while you innocently try to buy a Starbucks iced coffee.

Not only that, but you could easily lose your card in between getting your card and purchasing that sweet caffeine hit - talk about a pain.

Apple has put tons of money into the latest security features to protect your debit card information from hackers.

By paying with Apple Pay, you protect yourself and your money without any effort.

Contactless Is The Best Way To Go

Germaphobes and the health-conscious love not having to handle cash and payment machines.

Contactless payments make getting your favorite Starbucks hot drink so much more relaxing as it minimizes the chance of picking up others’ colds or germs.

The last few years saw more and more businesses adopt the one-touch system precisely because of how hygienic this convenient service is.

Plus, contactless pay does not require retailers to go through any complicated process or expensive transactions to make customers' lives smoother.

The one-touch system is both hygienic and simple.[3]

Works Every Time!

With Apple Pay accepted everywhere, from your nearest store to the furthest flung Starbucks in the country, there is no need to second guess.

You know that ordering Starbucks in-store or online can be done even if you do not have a Starbucks card or debit card.

With just a synced iOS device like the range of Apple Watches, you know that your payment will be accepted in-store.

No need to rush home for your physical card or to the bank when you have a compatible device.

Woman using phone to pay for coffee

Tap Into Convenience: Effortlessly Set Up Apple Pay On Your Phone!

Setting up Apple Pay on your iOS devices or Apple Watch is simple as can be since it is already built into your Apple device.

Setting Up Apple Pay

  • Download the Wallet app from the Apple Store
  • Tap the Wallet icon
  • Follow the instructions on-screen, inputting relevant personal information
  • Verify your identity by using a text code, thumbprint ID, or face ID
  • Add your preferred payment methods to the app as instructed

Similar steps would be used for getting it on your Apple Watch.

Downloading The Starbucks App

  • Download the Starbucks App from the Apple Store
  • Tap the Starbucks App icon
  • Follow the instructions on-screen, inputting relevant card and personal info
  • Add any Starbucks card
  • Link your Apple Pay account to your Starbucks account by going into Payment Methods and following the instructions

Now you can automatically apply and earn Stars as part of the Starbucks rewards program every time you use Apple Pay.

Having these two apps linked and ready to go can ensure that you reap all the benefits with each dollar spent for no extra fee.

How to Use Apple Pay

Expert Tips for Seamlessly Using Apple Pay at Starbucks

Using Apple Pay In Starbucks Store And Drive Thru

Once you have given the barista your order, they will input the total amount and hold the card reader towards you. When this happens, do this:

  • Open Wallet app
  • Select Apple Pay
  • Select the card or payment method you wish to use
  • Hold your phone near the terminal
  • When it beeps or vibrates, and you see a tick on your phone screen, the payment has been made.
  • Collect your receipt and order

Using Apple Pay In The Starbucks App

Once the barista presents the card reader to complete your order, simply:

  • Open the Starbucks App[4]
  • Select Apple Pay
  • Hold your phone near the terminal
  • Once it beeps and you see a tick, it is done

Using Apple Pay At Starbucks With Your Apple Watch

  • Double-click the side button
  • Your default payment method shows automatically. Scroll to choose another.
  • Hold the Watch's display near the reader until you hear a beep and feel a gentle tap.
Paying With Mobile Phone

Beyond Cash: Alternatives To Pay for Your Daily Starbucks Fix

Don’t wanna take a bite of Apple Pay? Here are some common preferred payment methods to try out at Starbucks - find the right payment option for you.

Google Pay

Similar to Apple Pay, Google Pay can be used in any Starbucks location across the US.[5] You can choose to use it instead of the Apple Pay option.


Your PayPal account can be used to make online or in-app Starbucks purchases, whether you want to pay ahead on a gift card or load money onto your Starbucks card.[6]

Gift Cards

A Starbucks gift card with extra cash can be used to make a purchase in-store or online provided it has the funds.[7]

Simply add it to your Starbucks app or present your card to the cashier to pay or add cash to it if you have extra money.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is another excellent alternative if you do not want to use Apple Pay. It cannot be used on Apple devices like the Apple Watch.[8]


GrabPay, like Bakkt Cash, is another option that can be used at Starbucks locations and other retailers that are not Starbucks.[9]

Using Samsung Pay at a coffee shop

Common Questions About Apple Pay At Starbucks

Will I still earn Starbucks Rewards Stars if I use Apple Pay?

Yes, if you link Apple Pay to your Starbucks account. You can earn two stars for every dollar spent at Starbucks.

Is Apple Pay the same as Apple Wallet?

No. Apple Pay is a payment method, whereas Apple Wallet is a digital wallet that stores various cards and other payment details, including your Apple Pay ones.

How do you troubleshoot Apple Pay problems?

If you are having issues, we recommend contacting Apple Pay support online or by phone for help.[10]

What are the disadvantages of using Apple Pay?

The disadvantages of using Apple Pay are:

  • It is almost too easy to spend money
  • You have to take time to set everything up
  • You have to update your phone and the app
  • It does not work with Android phones
Does Apple Pay work in all countries?

Apple Pay works in most countries. If you are traveling abroad, make sure to check the official list on the Apple website.[11]

Conclusion - Try Contactless Payments Today!

So, does Starbucks take Apple Pay? Yes, across their US stores and online.

To conclude, connecting Apple Pay and your Wallet app will make it much easier to pay for your favorite Starbucks drinks and add money to Starbucks gift cards.

Mobile wallets like these make it so much faster to use the drive-thru and purchase your order.

For a fast and secure way to pay, try setting up the Apple Pay mobile app today.


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