Matcha is one of those things where you either love it or hate it--there’s no in-between. In my case, I’m obsessed with this green drink.

So you probably wonder, does Dutch Bros offer this delicious tea? I serve up all the facts below.

Yes! You can get matcha at Dutch Bros.

This is great news for all matcha fans out there. Do you want to hear an even better one? Dutch Bros has 538 branches in 12 states all over the United States.

This means that you can order this Dutch Bros green tea in several locations nationwide.

One thing to note, matcha teas are only available in selected stores. So be sure to check with your local store before you head there and buy this drink.

About Matcha

This tea is made from the finely ground powder of high-quality green tea grown in East Asia.

While it is popularly known as the tea used in Japanese ceremonies, this grassy, earthy beverage can be traced all the way back to the Tang Dynasty in China.

Unlike other teas, this tea has higher caffeine content, which makes it a great alternative to coffee, especially if you don’t like its bitter taste.

If you haven’t tried this drink yet, this is your chance to taste this unique drink. Its flavor is a bit grassy and nutty, with a little sweetness.

However, those who are not used to strong vegetal flavors may not enjoy it. Still, it’s a flavor experience you shouldn’t miss.

About Dutch Bros

In case you don’t know, this company has been around since 1992, with its first store located in Grant Pass, Oregon.[1]

The Dutch Bros company was originally a drive-through coffee chain, with franchise locations in Western America.

The company’s expansion only started in 2020, but it quickly became one of the most popular coffee chains to date, thanks to its consistent quality, service, and speed.

matcha leaves, powder, and whisk

What Matcha Green Tea Does Dutch Bros Use?

Dutch Brothers sources their matcha from the DoMatcha company.

This company offers 100% authentic stone-ground green tea, directly from Uji and Kagoshima, Kyoto, where the Japanese matcha variety originated.

This is also where most premium matcha is produced today. In other words, you’re not just getting some regular grocery store matcha when you order from Dutch Bros.

What you’ll get is 100% premium green tea--the most authentic you can find for your morning cup.

Try Dutch Bros Matcha At Home!
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How To Order Matcha Drinks At Dutch Bros

If you look at the Dutch Bros Menu online, you won’t find any matcha offerings. That’s because this drink is part of the secret menu.

On top of that, not every franchise carries this drink, with some only having limited beverages on their menu.

That’s why some customers get confused when they don’t see matcha from the Dutch Bros menu but see some snaps of the drink on TikTok and Instagram.

So, if you're excited to get this tea beverage, here are some of the varieties you can order, along with how you can order them:

  • Vanilla matcha latte: As its name implies, this drink has matcha, milk, and vanilla syrup. You can simply ask for this drink from the Bro-rista and they know what you're talking about.
  • Blended matcha latte: Green tea smoothies anyone? If you feel like having a matcha shake, this is the one for you. It’s essentially a matcha latte but blended with ice. Do note that this variant is not part of the Frosts line.

If you just love caffeine, this delicious drink can be the perfect alternative to coffee. That’s why it quickly became one of the most popular drinks in many coffee chains.

Dutch Bros™ - Vanilla Matcha Tea

Frequently Asked Dutch Bros Matcha Questions

How much are matcha drinks at Dutch Bros?

The cost of matcha drinks at Dutch Bros starts at $3 for a small cup and may vary per location.

Does Dutch Bros have hot green tea?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers hot green tea. You can customize your drink by adding any of their flavored syrups.

Is there a difference between matcha and matcha latte?

Yes, there is. Matcha can be used to refer to the finely ground tea powder and the drink itself, while matcha latte is a drink with added milk.

Is matcha healthier than coffee?

This will ultimately depend on the person. Both drinks have health benefits, but matcha has fewer potential side effects than coffee.[2]

Conclusion - Try Dutch Bros Matcha Today!

If you love matcha or you're just looking for a coffee alternative, Dutch Bros offers this earthy drink in selected stores nationwide.

Just be sure to check your local stores to see if they offer this beverage before you visit them.



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