I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the biggest caffeine fiend I know, yet there have been a couple of times in my life where I’ve had to go caffeine-free. 

I figured, if anyone was going to dress up decaf coffee enough to convince me to try it, it was Dutch Bros.

It turns out, they nearly got me addicted to the decaf stuff, and I love them for it. So, let’s dive right in to what to expect when ordering decaf coffee at Dutch Bros!

Can You Get Decaf Coffee At Dutch Bros?

The short answer is yes, you can get decaf coffee at Dutch Bros. However, there are a few things to remember with the decaf selections available at this coffee chain.

First, Dutch Bros Coffee doesn't have a dedicated decaf menu. In other words, I didn’t even see decaf coffee drinks on the menu.

So, for decaffeinated espresso-based drinks, I have to specifically ask for the decaf version.

What Decaf Coffee Can You Get At Dutch Bros?

Let's look at the coffee-based drinks for now. The decaf coffee selection includes:

  • Decaf Americano: This is essentially just shots of espresso with water.
  • Decaf latte: This coffee drink is mixed with milk and espresso. Any kind of regular or alternative milks work.
  • Decaf Dutch Classics Breve: These decaf options are made with half-and-half, espresso, and flavorings like Dutch sauces or syrups. A medium decaf breve only contains 2 mg of caffeine.
  • Decaf Golden Eagle: One of the most popular coffee drinks at Dutch Bros, this decaffeinated version has the same ingredients as the regular one (vanilla and caramel syrups topped with caramel drizzle). Check out the full guide to the Dutch Bros Golden Eagle flavor here!
  • Decaf Caramelizer: This drink comes with caramel sauce and chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream. This version comes with less caffeine than the regular Dutch Bros Caramelizer.

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf Tea?

Yes, Dutch Bros does have decaffeinated tea.

However, unlike coffee drinks, there are no decaf versions of the regular tea options. Instead, they offer a decaf tea called Decaf Ceylon Tea.

This type of tea is basically black tea with the caffeine removed.

I absolutely love this decaf tea in tea-based beverages like Double Rainbro (strawberry, peach, coconut flavor combination), Galaxy Fish (strawberry, passion fruit, lime flavors), Marmalade (strawberry, orange grapefruit flavors), and Hawaiian (orange, peach, strawberry, banana flavors).

Dutch Bros Double Rainbro with Black Iced Tea

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf Espresso Shots?

Dutch Bros does have decaf espresso shots!

One thing to note, while most coffee beverages can be made decaf, other drinks like the Dutch Bros Freeze can't be made decaf.

This is because caffeine is already part of the powder base mix.

I found this out when I wanted to order a Golden Eagle Freeze, and got a Golden Eagle blended cup instead.

It essentially has the same flavor and smooth texture; they're just made in a different way.

The Freeze uses a pre-mix, while the blended version uses espresso, which - again - can be made decaf.

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Yes, Dutch Bros has decaffeinated iced coffee! Just make sure to ask for a decaf version when ordering one.

For even more interesting decaffeinated iced coffee, try adding flavored syrups!

Flavor options include caramel syrup, white chocolate syrup, almond Roca syrup, are some of my favorites.

Dutch Bros Iced Flap Jack Breve

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf Cold Brew?

Unfortunately, Dutch Bros doesn’t have a decaffeinated cold brew.

If you want a decaf cold brew, order a decaffeinated iced coffee or any cold espresso drink instead.

Caffeine Free Drinks Vs Decaf Drinks 

Before I talk about the caffeine content of decaf beverages at Dutch Bros, I'll first explain the difference between Dutch Bros caffeine-free drinks and decaf.

This was something that had me confused at first, so let me elaborate:

Short for decaffeinated coffee, decaf is used to describe coffee beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed.

This means that there is still some caffeine lingering in the beans, but they're not significant enough that they may trigger any side effects for those who have caffeine sensitivity.

Caffeine-free drinks, on the other hand, describe drinks that are free from caffeine. They're not necessarily coffee-based drinks - rather, beverages that don't contain any caffeine.

In some situations, caffeine-free drinks are also called non-caffeinated or non-coffee drinks. It is important to know the distinction between the two to order the right drink.

Dutch Bros Building

Dutch Bros Decaf Drinks Caffeine Content

The caffeine removal process is done before the beans are roasted and grounded.[1]

Apart from caffeine, the nutritional value of decaffeinated coffee is pretty much the same as that of caffeinated one.

As decaffeinated coffee is not completely caffeine free, the amount of caffeine in a decaf coffee depends on how the caffeine removal process is done.

On average, a cup of coffee contains 3 mg of caffeine.[2]

However, one study has found that every 6 ounces (180 ml) cup of decaf contains around 0-7 mg of caffeine.[3]

An average cup of regular coffee, on the other hand, has around 70-140 mg of caffeine--that’s a huge difference.

Apart from avoiding caffeine due to caffeine sensitivity and other conditions, decaf coffee offers numerous health benefits.

For example, decaf has lower acidity compared to regular coffee. In fact, it is known to cause significantly less acid reflux than the regular caffeinated drink. [4]

For those who are looking to lose some weight, decaf has been proven to increase metabolism. [5]

Ordering Decaf Coffee At Dutch Bros (“Broista” Tips)

If I want a decaf version of my favorite Dutch Bros drink, I have to actually order 'decaf’.

Half-caf is another option, which is just a coffee made with 50% caffeinated and 50% decaffeinated beans.

I like customizing the milk sometimes with a non-dairy option like Dutch Bros oat milk, adding a topping like cinnamon, birthday sprinkles, or a soft top, adding syrups and sauces, and more.

I’ve also ordered decaf coffee beans from Dutch Bros so I can brew at home, for those times I can’t get to a physical location.

The decaffeinated coffee beans taste kind of like dark chocolate, with a nutty and bold taste I love.

Best Non-Caffeinated Options At Dutch Bros

I am so glad that there are plenty of non-caffeinated, non-coffee options at Dutch Bros.

Several options include specialty drinks like smoothies, lemonades, Italian sodas, hot chocolate, and more.


For smoothies, there are different options, including green apple, mango, strawberry, and peach.[6]

Smoothies here are so good - and I’m not even usually a smoothie fan! 

They are packed with nutrients, and the Dutch Bros version even has whipped cream for that extra creaminess.

Dutch Frosts

The Dutch Frosts are one of my favorite desserts, using vanilla ice cream as the base for their milkshake-like drinks. 

When I bring my niece and nephew to Dutch Bros, this is their drink of choice. No way am I letting them get something packed with caffeine!

Some of my favorite Frosts flavors include Cotton Candy Frost (blue raspberry and white chocolate), White Chocolate Frost (with white chocolate sauces), and Banana Cream Pie Frost (banana and white chocolate).

Dutch Bros Cotton Candy Frost

I’ll randomly crave Dutch Bros lemonades, and have to zip on over to have one.

They quench my thirst like nothing else, and are an excellent alternative to smoothies and Frosts. 

My favorite lemonade flavor is Laser Cat (raspberry and coconut flavors), but there are tons of lemonade flavors to choose from.[7]

Dutch Sodas

Dutch Sodas are tasty, fruity, and have a zip of fizziness that make them addicting.[8]

A Dutch Soda is basically sparkling soda water infused with different flavors.

A must-try is the OG Gummy Bear (pomegranate, grapefruit, watermelon, passion fruit flavors), but it seems like there’s a new flavor popping up every day!

Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear Green Tea

Last but definitely not least is the Dutch Cocoa.[9] Dutch Cocoa contains chocolate milk, which is essentially chocolate dairy, as its main ingredient is cow’s milk.

Barista HQ Tip: One final thing to note, Dutch Bros sells tea and energy drinks. These two options are both caffeinated, and only the tea has a decaf version.

Related Dutch Bros Decaf Coffee Questions

What are some decaf Dutch Bros drink alternatives?

Some decaf Dutch Bros alternatives include Golden Eagle (decaf version), Cotton Candy Frost, and other beverages like smoothies, lemonades, and chocolate drinks.

Is there caffeine in Dutch Bros lemonade?

There is no caffeine in Dutch Bros lemonades.

Does Dutch Bros have sugar-free coffee?

Yes, they have sugar-free coffee. For a drink to be sugar-free, simply ask the barista for a sugar-free version.

What drink has the most caffeine at Dutch Bros?

The most caffeinated cup at Dutch Bros is the 9-1-1, which contains six shots of espresso.

What is the healthiest thing on the Dutch Bros menu?

Smoothies are the healthiest drinks on Dutch Bros menu.

Summary – Grab a Decaf!

Dutch Bros is the chain that truly likes to make sure everyone is happy, so it comes as no surprise to me that they have decaf options.

What I love is that they have a ton of options, and all of them are actually tasty!

It almost makes me not want to go back to regular, caffeinated coffee drinks.

I’ve ordered the Golden Eagle and Annihilator as decaf before, and I’ll admit that they taste equally as delicious. 

On top of that, they also offer non-caffeinated beverages that are perfect for those who can't consume caffeine at all.


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