I’ve gone through phases where I really am obsessed with almond milk in my coffee, and last time I was at Dunkin it got me thinking...

Does Dunkin have almond milk?

It turns out they do, and it’s really tasty! I’m going to dive into the drinks I love most with almond milk, and much more! 

Does Dunkin Donuts Have Almond Milk On The Menu?

Yes! Dunkin has had almond milk available since 2014.

As for the type of Dunkin's almond milk on offer, it's a non-dairy vanilla almond milk that's tasty and a real treat!

What Almond Milk Does Dunkin Use?

What Almond Milk Does Dunkin Use?

Dunkin uses the Blue Diamond brand - a popular brand originally from California that serves Almond Breeze almond milk.

I personally really enjoy this almond milk, as it actually has a bit of flavor. 

I find the unsweetened to be too plain and almost tastes like nothing. 

At this time, Dunkin doesn't have an unsweetened version, so that's just something to take note of!

Almond Breeze Almond Milk In A Small Jug

What’s In Dunkin Donuts Almond Milk? (Ingredients & Nutrition)

Nut milks aren’t always as straightforward with their ingredients as cow’s milk or cream as the standards aren’t as clear-cut.

As mentioned, it's sweetened, so there is added sugar and a few more calories within each cup.

Here, I've broken down the ingredients and contents in greater detail:

Ingredients Breakdown

The plant-based option contains the following ingredients:

  • Almond milk
  • Cane sugar
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Natural flavors
  • Sea salt
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Gellan Gum
  • Vitamin A Palmitate
  • Vitamin D2
  • D-Alpha-Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E)

Sugar Content

The sugar content is pretty high as there’s added sugar within the drink. Just one cup alone contains 13 grams (with 12 grams being added - that’s a full tablespoon of sugar!).

Fat Content

Each serving contains about 2.5 grams of fat.

Calorie Content

With approximately 80 calories per serving, it isn’t exactly a ‘low-calorie’ option.

Almond Breeze Almond Milk And Dunkin Treats

5 Most Popular Dunkin' Donuts Almond Milk Drinks

As most people, I’m someone who likes my drinks a very specific way. 

I have a handpicked selection that I won’t drink with any other milk but almond. 

1. Matcha Latte

I am a huge matcha fan, but it has to be made the right way.

It’s soft, smooth, and with almond milk it has a really nice nuttiness that goes perfectly with the earthiness of the matcha.

Whole milk with matcha tastes too creamy for me, as I feel the powder already makes it kind of thick. 

I love it both hot and on ice!

2. Mocha Latte

I love chocolate pretty much anytime, anyway.

However, a Mocha Latte from Dunkin tastes particularly delicious when combined with the nuttiness of almond milk.

Almond and chocolate is a match made in heaven, and this is my favorite way to order the beverage. 

It’s decadent, but not as creamy as it would be with regular milk, which I happen to like. 

3. Chai Latte

Chai is one of my favorite comfort drinks, and it’s super gentle on my stomach with almond milk.

I find that it really brings out the full spectrum of flavors in the spicy chai - better than regular milk, even.

This is my go-to cold weather drink, and I always recommend it to my friends who aren’t big coffee drinkers. 

It’s vegan this way, but I personally like adding a dollop of whip for an extra touch of coziness. 

Chai Oatmilk Latte From Dunkin

4. Iced Toasted Almond Macchiato

A cup brimming with liquid poetry, the Iced Toasted Almond Macchiato is where espresso and almond milk cascade over ice.

The nutty sophistication melds seamlessly with the robust coffee notes.

The layered Iced Macchiato includes a tasty pump or two of toasted almond flavor shot, making it a simple, straightforward, delicious option. 

5. Cold Brew Or Iced Coffee

Last but not least, I love a cold brew or a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.

It’s the most simple, perhaps obvious choice, but it never goes out of style for me. 

Paired with almond milk, it’s particularly silky, smooth, and I love being able to customize it with flavor swirls (caramel and hazelnut are my favorites!). 

Dunkin Salted Caramel Cold Foam Cold Brew

Almond Milk: What’s All The Health Hype?

As someone into vegan alternatives, I've heard quite a lot of health hype surrounding almond milk’s benefits.

Let me get into the pros and cons of the milk: 


There are a couple of positives associated with this vegan alternative.

  • No lactose. As a result, it makes it a great option for those that are lactose intolerant - like me.
  • A good source of magnesium. Magnesium helps with muscle function and blood pressure.
  • Rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is important for both your immune system as well as your blood vessels. It’s also an antioxidant![1]
  • It could contain calcium. Many brands out there (including Almond Breeze) fortify their formula with calcium - this is something I typically check when purchasing it from the store. Calcium not only keeps your bones strong but also helps with osteoporosis.


While there are plenty of positives, there are also some negatives related to this vegan alternative.

  • It can contain carrageenan, which causes digestive issues in some people.[2]
  • Depending on the brand, it can be quite sweet.
Almond Nuts In A Small Saucer

Common Dunkin Donuts Almond Milk Questions

Does Dunkin Donuts charge extra for almond milk?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts does charge extra for almond milk: 50 cents.

Is Dunkin Donuts almond milk healthy?

No, Dunkin Donuts almond milk isn’t necessarily healthy, as it is sweetened with vanilla. However, it’s not the most ‘unhealthy’ option, either. 

Does Dunkin have vanilla almond milk?

Yes, Dunkin has vanilla almond milk. They've had it since 2014, and it's what they serve as a chain.

What is the healthiest milk at Dunkin Donuts?

The healthiest milk at Dunkin is oat, skim, or coconut milk.

Can you heat up almond milk?

Yes, you can heat up almond milk but make sure you do it slowly and stir often to avoid it from curdling.

Try Dunkin' Donuts Almond Milk Today!

I love almond milk in plenty of Dunkin’ Donuts drinks, and am so glad they’ve kept the option around for almost a decade now.

Not only is it a fantastic vegan option, the natural nuttiness of the milk tastes amazing with robust coffee. 

The vanilla flavor adds just a bit of sweetness that lightens up the bitterness, and I highly recommend trying it with any Dunkin drink!


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2. https://www.thekitchn.com/what-is-carrageenan-252453 

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