I have this unfortunate habit of leaving my wallet at home, which I suppose is better than leaving it at the supermarket. 

So when my Dunkin craving took hold of me last week, I took a chance and went in to ask if they accepted Apple Pay as I’d forgotten it once again.

With so many different payment methods out there today, chains like Dunkin are really on-the-ball. 

Let’s take a look at all the details! 

Yes, Dunkin Donuts accepts Apple Pay in 2023. Whether I'm ordering through the mobile app or drive-thru, Dunkin accepts Apple Pay!

Apple Pay On Phone Screen

How To Use Apple Pay At Dunkin Stores

For me, this is the biggest benefit of having an iPhone.

Apple Pay is super simple to set up. 

All you need is an Apple device, whether that's your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with Apple Pay set up.


  • Double-click the iPhone lock button or Apple Watch side button (that’s the default shortcut to access Apple Pay)
  • Hold the device near the contactless payment reader at the cash register, and wait for the ‘ding’ or haptic vibration.[1]

How To Use Apple Pay On The Dunkin Mobile App

Using Apple Pay on the Dunkin app is probably the easiest way to pay, ever.

Simply open the Dunkin Donuts app, select drink(s) and/or food items, then select Apple Pay. Then, double-click the iPhone button and it’s on its way!

Here’s how I use Apple Pay within Dunkin’s mobile app.[2]

  • Launch the Dunkin Donuts mobile app.
  • Tap the "Order Now" button.
  • Browse through the list of nearby DD establishments (there will be a map of nearby stores in an Apple Maps-like interface, so choose the right one).
  • Add items to the order.
  • Tap the "Checkout" button.
  • Choose Apple Pay as the preferred payment method
  • Tap the "I'm ready" button.
  • Select whether to pick up the order in-store or via the drive-thru.
  • Head to the store and collect the order.

Easy, isn’t it?

Apple Pay On The Dunkin Mobile App

How To Use Apple Pay At Dunkin Drive Thru

I have dropped one too many cards trying to hand it over to the barista at the drive-thru window. 

I have a death grip on my phone, and holding it up to the contactless payment reader is much easier!

  • Drive to your nearest Dunkin Donuts.
  • Place your order.
  • When it’s time to pay, pull out the iPhone or other device, and hold it close to the contactless payment reader.
Paying At Dunkin Drive Thru

What Exactly Is Apple Pay Anyway?

In layman’s terms, Apple Pay is a super convenient way to pay things using Apple device(s).

It is a contactless payment method that allows Apple users to make secure payment(s) using their devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.[3]

Just like any other payment, it comes with its own set of pros and cons:


  • It’s super convenient: I don’t know if I have ever been so impressed by a phone feature. Being able to pay with my wrist and not having to worry about cash and credit or debit cards is truly a blessing - especially as I travel a lot.
  • It’s very reliable: Kudos to whoever is keeping Apple servers up and running, but I haven’t had a single issue with Apple Pay, no matter which country I was in. 
  • It’s incredibly secure: My credit card details are not stored locally or online.[4] I get a unique device account number (an encrypted one) that's stored locally, making my info virtually impossible to hack.
  • It’s widely accepted: Whether I’m grabbing a burger at a diner or enjoying the finest wine at an upscale restaurant - everyone seems to accept Apple Pay.


  • It doesn’t support some cards: If using a Payoneer card, for example, it doesn’t work with Apple Pay. So, while Dunkin accepts Apple Pay, and you’re willing and able to make the most of it - Apple Pay may not accept your card.
  • It’s dependent on your devices: If my phone runs out of battery, I’m kind of out of luck.
  • It’s not supported worldwide: While I did mention that I haven’t had any issues with it abroad, not every country uses it - or at least, not as widely. 

Other Popular Payment Options At Dunkin

Dunkin Donuts obviously accepts Apple Pay, but what other options do they offer? 

Does Dunkin Donuts take Google Pay?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts takes Google Pay.[5]

Google Pay is pretty much as reliable as Apple Pay, so if retailers are accepting Apple Pay, they’ll almost always take G-Pay, too.

Does Dunkin Donuts take Samsung Pay?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts takes Samsung Pay, too. 

Samsung Pay isn’t quite as popular as Apple Pay, but it’s still widely available at Dunkin locations. 

Does Dunkin Donuts accept Amazon Pay?

No, unfortunately, Dunkin Donuts does not accept Amazon Pay.

Can you pay with Venmo at Dunkin?

No, you can’t pay with Venmo at Dunkin.

Paying With Venmo

Can you Pay with Cash at Dunkin?

I sure hope cash is always accepted at Dunkin Donuts! 

For now, it obviously is, and I don’t expect that to change any year soon. 

Common Dunkin Donuts Apple Pay Questions

When did Dunkin' Donuts add Apple Pay?

Dunkin Donuts added Apple Pay back in December 2015 as a way for their customers to recharge their Dunkin Donuts card(s). 

How do you set up Apple Pay on the iPhone?

To set up Apple Pay on the iPhone, pull up the Apple Wallet app and follow these steps:

Tap to add a card. > Choose “Debit or Credit Card” > Fill out the credit or debit card details > Agree to bank’s terms and conditions > Wait for activation.

Occasionally, inputting a 6-digit code sent to an email address or phone number will also be required.

How do you set up Apple Pay on the Apple watch?

To set up Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, do the following: Open up on the Watch app on the linked iPhone > Select Wallet and Apple Pay > Tap to add a card. > Add card details > Agree to the bank's terms and conditions > Wait for activation.


Apple Pay is available at Dunkin, thank goodness! 

It’s super convenient, and means that I never have to go without my coffee, even if I’m a bit forgetful. 

It’s my current ‘default’ way of paying, means I get my coffee faster, and I recommend it to anyone!


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