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While shopping for sparkling tonic water, I found that my store had sold out of my usual favorites. So, going out on a limb, I gave AHA sparkling water a try, and I am hooked.

There seem to be mixed rumors among my friends on whether AHA has caffeine, so I decided to get to the bottom of the debate - does AHA have caffeine or not?

Sit back and sip away as I reveal the facts behind AHA’s caffeine levels - try not to say AHA when you find the answer.

For anyone who does not know, AHA is a brand of fruit-flavored sparkling water available in cans at most stores.

This sparkling water comes in a few unusual flavor combinations, like blueberry and pomegranate.[1]

The AHA flavors used to be more varied, with one caffeinated sparkling water range containing added caffeine.

However, caffeinated flavors like Fuji + Apple, Citrus + Green Tea, Black Cherry + Coffee, and Mango + Black Tea have been discontinued.[2]

Currently, there are six unique AHA flavors to choose from. These are caffeine-free drinks that can be enjoyed anytime.

AHA Sparkling Water Flavors Without Caffeine

All of the following AHA flavors are available in 12 fl oz cans.

Lime + Watermelon

Lime and watermelon are a fun summer combo that makes me think of ice pops in the sun and fruity cocktails. This flavor is strong and almost like candy but fragrant and summery.

There is no chalky aftertaste, and the bubbles are tiny and gentle, leaving you with a refreshing lime kick.

Blackberry + Lemon

The lemon is vibrant, and the blackberry tart and bitter without overpowering each other. My partner liked having this one with a gin on ice.

Peach + Honey

This drink smells like a peach cobbler and gives a lovely rounded juicy peach flavor with a nice mellow honey sweetness.

Something about it reminds me of peaches and cream - I had to check there was no cream soda in this sparkling water.

Orange + Grapefruit

With citrus drinks, you want a citrus-forward taste that is not too bitter. AHA's orange and grapefruit are very heavy on the citrus without the bitterness that I so dislike about grapefruit.

Neither flavor dominates the other, and AHA's orange grapefruit leaves you feeling refreshed with each sip.

Stack Of AHA Sparkling Water with Different Flavors

Blueberry + Pomegranate

After sipping the AHA brand blueberry pomegranate, I wonder why blueberry and pomegranate are not a more common flavor combination.

Each flavor is sweet, tart, and earthy and gives such a summery feel. I loved having a can poured over gin and ice.

Pineapple + Passionfruit

Who does not love a tropical drink, especially on holiday? The pineapple passionfruit is very pineapple-forward in taste but gives a sweet finish.

My partner highly recommends trying this flavor with rum and passion fruit juice for your next barbecue.

AHA Sparkling Water Ingredients & Nutrition (Is It Healthy?)


In terms of ingredients, the details are really short. This caffeine-free drink only has two ingredients, no matter the flavor - carbonated water and natural flavors.

How the wizards at the Coca-Cola company managed to get this to taste even better than Coke or soda is amazing.


Things are also simple in the nutrition department.

This drink has no calories, fat, sugars, carbs, sodium, or sweeteners. Compared to other drinks like Pepsi, this is a great healthy alternative for sweet sparkling water fans.

Health Benefits

AHA sparkling water could be a great way for you to enjoy a bubbly beverage while cutting down on extra sugars and calories.

It is sweet enough to win over even the most stubborn soda fans and has fun flavors to keep things interesting.

You can also make tasty mocktails and cocktails without worrying too much about your diet.

AHA's flavors being caffeine-free also means that you won't go over your 400 mg per day limit and can even enjoy them well into the night.[3]

AHA Sparkling Water Blueberry Pomegranate

What Exactly Is AHA Sparkling Water Drink? (Brief History)

Product Launch

AHA was initially launched by the Coca-Cola Company in March 2020 as their ‘first new major brand in a decade’ since Gold Peak tea.[4]

It originally launched with the following decaf and caffeinated sparkling water flavors:

  • Lime + watermelon
  • Strawberry + cucumber
  • Orange + grapefruit
  • Apple + ginger
  • Blueberry + pomegranate
  • Peach + honey
  • Citrus + green tea
  • Black cherry + coffee

Company Growth

Within a year of launch, AHA’s sparkling water sales went up by 266.3 percent.[5]

This was due to their rigorous multi-channel marketing campaign, which saw them teaming up with young and bubbly celebrities making humorous ads for the products.[6]

Current Status

Currently, AHA has streamlined its range, focusing on its more popular flavors in 12 fl oz cans. They have started selling in countries like the UK and have plenty of positive reviews online.

AHA Sparkling Water Different Flavors Lined Up

AHA Vs Other Popular Sparkling Waters & Sodas

AHA Sparkling Water Vs Bubly

Bubly is a Pepsi-owned brand that provides a no-calorie, natural-flavored carbonated water experience.

There are 15 flavors to choose from that are more fragrant but less strong tasting than their AHA counterparts. This water is less thick and fizzy, giving more of a seltzer feel than AHA does.

AHA Sparkling Water Vs LaCroix

LaCroix is such a heavy hitter in the sparkling water market at the moment. With 20 core natural flavors and attractive can designs, it is easy to see why.

The key differences between an AHA and LaCroix drink are that LaCroix tastes more natural and less like candy while also being the more expensive choice.

AHA Sparkling Water Vs Celsius

AHA's sparkling water often gets compared to the Celsius line, which I am a little confused by.

They both offer no-calorie drinks with natural flavors that quench your thirst, but Celsius' drinks are sparkling energy drinks, not sparkling water.

They have added caffeine that helps give you an energy boost to get through studying or a workout rather than to sip at a picnic like AHA.

AHA Sparkling Water Different Flavors Iced

Common AHA Sparkling Water Questions

Can I drink AHA Sparkling Water if I'm pregnant?

Yes, AHA sparkling water is safe to drink while pregnant - it could even help you avoid alcohol and morning sickness. However, it is never a bad call to check with your doctor to see if it is right for your body.

Is AHA Sparkling Water hydrating?

AHA sparkling water is just as hydrating as normal water. If you are bored of drinking normal water or just trying to avoid soda, this drink could be a good option for you.

Where can I buy AHA Sparkling Water?

You can buy AHA sparkling water in most grocery stores like Target or Walmart and a site like Amazon. You can also find other categories of sparkling water, like caffeinated lines by other brands.

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If you are looking for caffeinated sparkling water, AHA is not the line for you.

Each 12 fl oz can is a caffeine-free healthy alternative to soda. However, as with everything good in life (like coffee), it is best to enjoy this fruity water in moderation.



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