It happened to me again: I was at the car wash and discovered a Starbucks gift card buried under the depths of my passenger seat.

How did it get there? How long had it been there? Is it even valid still?

A lot of questions were going through my mind, leading me to figure out whether or not Starbucks gift cards actually expire. 

I’m going to get into it all right now, so don’t go anywhere!

  • Starbucks gift cards never expire
  • To check the balance, visit the Starbucks site
  • After 3 years from date of purchase or last transaction, the card will have to be activated again. 

Do Starbucks Gift Cards Ever Expire?

No, Starbucks gift cards don’t have an expiration date, and the value of the cards will not be affected, no matter how long it is inactive for![1]

This is great news for anyone like me who happens to have random gift cards following me around.

If it's been more than three years since the gift card has last been used, though, it will need to be reactivated by customer service.

Overlapping Starbucks Gift Cards

Do Starbucks e-Gift Cards Expire?

No, Starbucks e-Gift cards don't expire. According to Starbucks, the same principle applies to an eGift card as a physical gift card. 

There is no expiration date or decrease in the value of the Starbucks card, and there is no charge for topping up or activating.

I love this, because I’ve had e-Gift cards get lost amongst spam emails many times and had them expire before I’ve even seen them. 

Sending Starbucks e-Gift Cards

How Do I Know If My Starbucks Gift Card Is Still Valid?

The easiest way to tell if a Starbucks card is valid is to check the balance.

This can be done by visiting the Starbucks site, logging in using the card number and security code or PIN code.

Here, you can see whether the gift card is active, the current load, and the last purchase if this is applicable.

For those with Starbucks gift cards they’re not planning on redeeming, they can either send it to me (kidding), or return the card to Starbucks by calling 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282).[2]

In order for a refund to be processed, the original purchase receipt will be required. This applies even if the card was gifted from someone else.

Gift cards can also be cashed out in certain states - in California, redemptions of $9.99 or less are approved, and in Oregon, redemptions of $4.99 or less can be processed online.

Head to Starbucks Card Redemption to learn more.[3]

Hand Holding A Starbucks Gift Card

How To Check Your Starbucks Gift Card Balance

In addition to checking whether a Starbucks gift card is still valid, check the available balance online by using one of two methods.

  • 1
    The first option is to head to the Card page on the website or app, and use the gift card number and  PIN code to log in to the account.
  • 2
    Alternatively, go to the Starbucks Rewards page, sign in to an existing account, and head to "Card Management" to check the available load.

The current loaded value can also be checked on the app - just select the “Scan” option to scan any gift cards and check out the balance.

The barista can check the balance in a participating store.

Checking Starbucks Gift Cards Balance Using App

Common Starbucks Gift Cards Expiry Questions

Can you use Starbucks gift cards after expiry?

You can use Starbucks gift cards for up to 3 years after the card purchase, or after the last transaction. After 3 years, the card will have to be activated again.

There is no official expiry date for your Starbucks card, and no inactivity fees or charges will apply. 

Where do I purchase a Starbucks gift card?

Purchase a Starbucks gift card at participating stores or head to the Starbucks website. [4]

Do I have to activate my Starbucks gift card?

You do not have to activate your Starbucks gift card. Just head to the nearest Starbucks store and use the card to make a purchase. 

Can I use a Starbucks gift card as cash?

You can use a Starbucks gift card as cash only within Starbucks stores to purchase drinks, food, and other Starbucks products. 

Also, certain states allow gift card holders take the balance from Starbucks cards to use on a credit or debit card, essentially redeeming it as physical money. 


So, the good news is that Starbucks gift cards do not expire. 

It’s pretty cool knowing that years after receiving my card, I can still get a free Americano! 

However, using it on the Starbucks App makes it way easier to use, load, and check the balance!


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