Do All Keurigs Have Water Filters? (Each Model Explained)

With just a press of a button and a Keurig coffee maker, your favorite morning cup is ready. I treasure my Keurig so much.

So, while I was wiping it down the other day, I found myself curious about how to replace the water filter of my coffee machine.

On my way down the rabbit hole, I also got curious if all Keurig machines have a water filter--you know, just in case I need a new one or upgrade my current device.

I know this knowledge will come in handy sooner or later.

Here’s what I found!

You’ll be happy to know that most Keurig coffee machines have an option for a water filter. Don’t have the best tap water at home? Or maybe you’re planning to buy a new Keurig coffee maker?

Whatever your reasons are, since the water filter is optional, you’ll need to buy them separately from your coffee maker.

So, what Keurig models have an option for a water filter? Let's find out.

Keurig 2.0

Listen up, java junkies! Your Keurig 2.0 is more than just a pretty face; it's also a water purifier powerhouse. Each Keurig 2.0 model comes equipped with its own water filter.

The best part? The water filter is replaceable--you can even buy a water filter starter kit that comes with charcoal water filters.

So no matter what model you've got, it's got your back, filtering out any water and making sure every cup you brew is as fresh and clean as a mountain stream.

Keurig 2.0 Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K-Express

If you're looking for a Keurig coffee maker specifically made to brew one cup of coffee at a time, the K-Express model is for you.

It's a single-serve coffee machine that can brew three different Keurig cup sizes: 6, 8, and 10 oz. This ensures you get the cup perfect for your caffeine needs.

Unfortunately, this model doesn't come with a water filter but don't be discouraged just yet.

Even though the original machine doesn't have a water filter, it has an option for when you need to install one.

Simply purchase a tall handle water filter, and your Keurig machine can brew coffee and remove chlorine from any tap water.

Keurig K-Express Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K-Slim

For those who don't have much kitchen space, this Keurig machine is for you.

As its name implies, this brewing device is so slim you won't even realize there's an additional appliance in your kitchen. So, does this have a water filter inside?

Like the K-Express Keurig models, it doesn’t have a built-in water filter. However, you can insert a charcoal water filter into the water reservoir.

Since the water filter cartridge is added to the water tank, you don’t have to worry about the filter taking up space in your kitchen. Do note that the charcoal filters are sold separately.

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K145

Also known as the OfficePro brewing machine, the Keurig K145 is packed with features perfect for any office.

So if you're planning on purchasing a Keurig machine for your workspace, this is the best choice.

Like the previously mentioned Keurig coffee machines, you can add a Keurig filter to remove excess chlorine and bacteria and trap debris from your tap water.

Keurig K145 Coffee Machine Model

Keurig Mini or K-Mini Plus

If you need something smaller than the Keurig K-Slim, the Keurig K-Mini is the coffee maker for you. These little guys might be small in size, but they sure do pack a punch.

There's just one catch: Keurig K-Mini models don't come with a water filter. That's right, you pour your water straight into the water reservoir and brew it into coffee.

No middleman, just pure, unfiltered java goodness.

However, you need to make sure you pour in distilled water, or else your reservoir may have some mineral buildup.

Keurig Mini Coffee Machine Model

Keurig Duo

Got a Keurig Duo at home? Well, brace yourself for some good news. This Keurig's got a spot for a water filter. You heard it right; you can install a short water filter holder in its water reservoir.

This means that if you live in an area where there is hard water, you can simply add replaceable water filters to protect your Keurig machine.

So, not only are you getting that delicious brew, but it's coming to you filtered and fresh.

Keurig Duo Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K-Duo PLUS

Like the Duo model, this Keurig offers an option for a water filter.

Although the filter isn't available right when you purchase this device, you can simply buy a classic water filter kit separately to ensure that only filtered tap water will be used on your cup of coffee.

Just make sure you purchase the compatible Keurig filter, or else it won't work on your water reservoir.

Keurig K-Duo PLUS Coffee Machine Model


Looking for a coffee machine that can brew iced drinks too? The Keurig K-Elite is your best bet.

Like most Keurig coffee makers, it comes with a spot for a water filter in the water reservoir. So you can enjoy great-tasting coffee without worrying about dirty tap water!

K-Elite Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K-Select

If you’ve been finding yourself needing to descale your Keurig K-Select brewer, it means that the water you’ve been using contains mineral debris that can damage your machine. The solution?

Using properly filtered water. However, if you don’t want to go into the trouble of adding filtered water anytime, you can install a water filter instead. This machine has an option for that.

Keurig K-Select Coffee Machine Model


For those who have Keurig K-classic or older Keurigs, I have some good news. There is a compatible water filter for your machine.

The K-Classic water filter can be added to any K-Cup brewing system prior to the Keurig 2.0 models.

K-Classic Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus, or K-Supreme Plus SMART

Newer Keurig models like the K-Supreme line are known to brew great-tasting coffee thanks to their smart features. However, you need more than those features to make you a perfect cup.

The secret? Clean water. Yes, you've read that right. Using filtered water can make a difference, bringing out the best flavors of your favorite coffee pod.

Thankfully, you can install a compatible water filter cartridge to these models of Keurig machines.

Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Machine Model

Keurig K-Slim

Choosing between a Keurig K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, or a K-Slim?

Well, all of them have a spot for water filter cartridges, allowing you to enjoy your favorite coffee grounds without worrying about the taste of the water spoiling your cup of espresso.

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Machine Model

K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker

Do you love lattes and cappuccino a lot?

Well, good news. The K-Cafe brewer is compatible with Keurig filters. It has a spot for a charcoal water filter on the water reservoir, ensuring your cup of coffee only uses properly filtered water.

K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker

What Is The Keurig Water Filter For? (Why Is It Important?)

The Keurig water filter ensures that the water used in your Keurig machine is clean, free of any impurities that may affect the taste of the beverage, and makes the most out of your coffee beans, giving them the chance to shine.[1]

It can also save you some cash, as there's no need to buy bottled water for your machine. That's why it is a real game-changer for your coffee bar at home. 

The filter helps reduce limescale buildup and hard water, which can reduce the lifespan of your coffee machine.

It eliminates the need for frequent descaling, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without worry.[2]

Understanding Keurig Water Filter Kits (Which One Do You Need?)

Although most Keurig coffee machines have an option for a water filter, they don’t use the same water filter assembly.

So, how would you know which water filter handle you should install in your brewing device? Here’s a quick guide:

Short Handle Keurig Water Filter Kit

The Short Handle Keurig Water Filter Kit is designed for specific Keurig models that have a water reservoir on the side.

The kit consists of a water filter assembly, including an upper filter holder and a lower filter holder, and a new filter cartridge.

Long Handle Keurig Water Filter Kit

This filter kit is specifically made for newer Keurig models where the water reservoir is located at the back.

This kit also comprises an upper filter holder, a lower filter holder, and a new filter cartridge.

Short And Tall Handle Keurig Water Filter Kit

Discover Where Your Keurig Water Filter Is Hiding!

Do you ever feel like your Keurig machine is playing a game of hide and seek with you? Well, we’re about to spill the beans and reveal where that sneaky little water filter is hiding!

Depending on your Keurig model, the water filter location can vary. On some models, it's nestled on the side, while on others, it's hanging out at the back.

For older models, you'll find the water filter in the water reservoir on the side. Just look for a short water filter handle sticking out - that's your guy!

On the other hand, models such as the K-Compact, K-Select, K-Elite, K-Café, K-Duo, K-Mini, K-Supreme, and K-Express are slightly different.

Their water filters are chilling in the reservoir at the back. It’s the long handle that’s your clue in these models.

Water Filter Wizardry: Secret To Changing Your Keurig Water Filter

Ready to master the art of changing your Keurig water filter cartridge? The process is smoother than a well-brewed cup of joe, and I'm here to guide you through it!

Here's how to change the filter:

  • 1
    Soak the new filter cartridge in water for five minutes, then rinse it under cold water for a minute.
  • 2
    Remove the water filter assembly from the reservoir and get rid of the old filter cartridge.
  • 3
    To install the new one, separate the lower filter holder from the upper. Replace the old cartridge with the new one, and put the handle back together.
  • 4
    Reinsert the filter handle back into the reservoir, pushing firmly to secure it in place.
  • 5
    Keurig doesn't offer a reusable water filter, but the handle is reusable. Clean it regularly with some dish soap and warm water to keep it in top condition.

So there you have it. You're all set to keep your Keurig running smoothly and your coffee tasting great.

Using Keurig Water Filter

How Often Do You Change Keurig Water Filters? (Revamp Your Brew!)

Keurig water filters need a change every two months to keep your brew tasting its best.

These charcoal-filled filters work to remove impurities from your water, ensuring a high-quality cup of coffee each time.

Regularly changing your filter not only helps maintain flavor but also extends the life of your Keurig machine.

Don't let an old filter dull your coffee experience - revamp your brew with a filter change!

Common Keurig Water Filter Questions

Which Keurig machine does not have a water filter?

Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus machines don’t have water filters.

Does filtered water taste better in Keurig machines?

Yes, water filters will eliminate the smell and taste of chlorine, sulfur, and iron, as well as some minerals.

What happens if you don't change a Keurig water filter?

If you don't change a Keurig water filter, the effectiveness of the filter will gradually decrease. Over time, the filter can become clogged with impurities, minerals, and small particles from the water. This can affect the taste and quality of your coffee by allowing unwanted substances into your brew.

Can you run a Keurig without a filter?

Yes, you can. Adding a water filter is optional. However, if you live in an area with hard water, using that directly on your Keurig brewer can cause limescale to build up quickly. This also means that you will need to descale your machine more frequently.

Do Keurig water filters expire?

No, unused Keurig water filters won’t expire.

Where can I buy Keurig replacement filters?

Keurig replacement filters can be purchased from a variety of sources, both online and in physical stores. You can check out the Keurig official store or Amazon for compatible filters.

Rejuvenate Your Keurig With A Filter Change!

Understanding the water filtration system of your Keurig coffee maker is crucial for maintaining the quality of your brew and the longevity of your machine.

Thankfully, you have the option to install a water filter on most Keurig devices. This means you don't have to worry about buying separate distilled water for your coffee machine.



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