DeLonghi EC155 boasts a compact and powerful build and promises barista-level results from the comfort of your kitchen. Does it deliver?

As it’s one of the first machines I used to improve my coffee craft, the DeLonghi EC155 holds a special place in my heart.

Below, I’ll talk about its dual brewing options, steam wand, customization options, and more, so you can decide if this is the machine to make your perfect morning cuppa joe.

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating


I rate DeLonghi EC155 4 out of 5. It’s a great machine for espresso beginners, and you can learn how to make good coffee.

The shots may not always be consistent, but this espresso maker is extremely affordable.

Moreover, it pulls a great shot at this price point. Overall, the espresso and cappuccino machine is easy to use and creates solid coffee drinks.

  • 15 bar pressure pump — Provides sufficient pressure for extraction
  • 3-in-1 portafilter — Compatible with single, double shots, and ESE pods
  • Manual cappuccino system — Steams milk for cappuccinos
  • Dual thermostats — Heat the espresso machine to optimal brewing temperature


  • Advanced Cappuccino System for brewing cup after cup with no wait time
  • Two thermostats provide separate temperature control for steaming and brewing
  • Cup warmer on top for hotter espressos


  • Low cup clearance
  • Plastic tamper
  • Inconsistent temperature

Who Should Buy The DeLonghi EC155?

DeLonghi EC155 is an excellent choice for coffee drinkers who want a budget espresso machine under $300.

This is also a good option if you're new to the world of espresso and want to learn how to pull shots.

Finally, it's a great option if you're short on space and need a compact coffee maker.

Why I Decided To Review The DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine

My espresso journey started many years ago with a Nespresso machine and continued with countless manual, semi, and super-automatic machines, all in search of the perfect espresso cup.

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect espresso machine that combines performance, convenience, and affordability.

I’ve heard many positive reviews about DeLonghi EC155, so I had to give it a try and test the quality of its shots.

Moreover, I know many coffee lovers like myself are on a quest to find an affordable and reliable espresso machine, so I wanted to provide an honest review of my experience.

Testing Conditions

Day Tested


Cups Brewed Per Day


Level Of Experience Needed


Reviewer Background

I’m a home brewing enthusiast who started with Nespresso Vertuo and recently upgraded to Breville Barista Express

Environment Tested


Money Saved Per Year

$800 to $1,000

Favorite Drink To Brew

Espresso & Cappuccino

What’s It Like To Live With The DeLonghi EC155?

It's a pleasure living with the DeLonghi EC155. You get the joy of making your own barista-quality drinks at home.

Still, I won't claim it's all sunshine and rainbows. The DeLonghi machine has its kinks you need to get around. However, it's extremely convenient to use and lets you make versatile drinks.

Here’s my experience using this espresso and cappuccino maker.

What's In The Box?

The DeLonghi EC155 package includes:

  • Coffee machine — The main unit with the steam wand, drip tray, water reservoir, and cup warmer
  • Filter baskets —For single and double espresso shots
  • ESE pod filter — Compatible with coffee pods
  • Dual function filter holder (portafilter) — For holding the filter baskets
  • Tamper — For compacting the coffee grounds in the filter basket

DeLonghi provides free delivery when you order this espresso machine directly from the company. Standard delivery takes 5 to 7 business days.

You can also opt for two-day delivery, which costs $21.95, and next-day delivery, which costs $39.95.[1]

I opted for standard delivery and received my DeLonghi espresso machine in seven days.

Tips From A Barista!

DeLonghi gives you a one-year warranty. Join the DeLonghi club and get an additional one-year warranty when you register your machine.[2]

Pulling My First Espresso Shot

Here’s how I pulled my first espresso shot:

  1. I filled the water tank making sure to stay within the max line.
  2. I turned the machine on, attached the portafilter, and waited 15 minutes for the espresso maker to preheat.
  3. I filled the filter basket with ground coffee.
  4. I used the tamper to compact the coffee.
  5. I removed excess coffee from the rim and attached the portafilter to the brew group.
  6. I placed a cup under the spout and turned the knob to start brewing. I waited until the machine was done brewing and removed the portafilter.

Overall, the first shot was decent. Over time, I experimented with different coffee beans and got in the habit of turning on the machine 15 to 30 minutes before use to heat it.

I also learned the espresso tastes better if I preheat the cups with hot water and leave them for 15 minutes on the warming plate.

Pulling Espresso Shot On The DeLonghi EC155

First Time Frothing Milk

Here’s how I frothed milk the first time:

  1. I rotated the knob to the steam setting and waited for the OK light to come on.
  2. I filled the milk pitcher with 3.5 oz of milk.
  3. Once the OK light was on, I immersed the frother in the milk pitcher for about 5 mm.
  4. I rotated the knob to start the milk frothing.
  5. Once the milk doubled in volume, I immersed the milk frother and continued heating until the stainless steel milk pitcher got too hot to hold.
  6. I returned the knob to its original position to stop frothing and poured the steamed milk into the cup with my espresso shots.

I have to give thanks to the DeLonghi EC155 user manual, which has detailed instructions on how to get milk foam.[3]

I didn’t have much experience frothing milk before using this espresso maker, so the manual was of great help.

EC155 has a swivel jet frother. I liked how movable it is. Rotating more or less varies the amount of steam used, which in turn results in different milk textures.

However, I found the steam wand is a little on the short side, so it's difficult to steam large amounts of milk.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the milk wand makes creamy milk froth for cappuccinos. It's not the best at making thin microfoam for lattes.

Frothing Milk With The DeLonghi EC155

How Much Control Do You Have Over The DeLonghi EC155?

You have some control over the DeLonghi EC155 espresso maker.

DeLonghi says this is a manual espresso machine, but I’d call it a semi-automatic espresso and cappuccino maker, so you have control over the puck prep.

However, the Delonghi EC155 doesn't provide advanced programmability. For example, you can't adjust the brewing temperature.

The EC155 home espresso machine also doesn't have milk steamer programmability. There's no way to choose different milk-steaming temperatures or textures.

The best you can do is place the swivel jet frother in different positions to get the exact texture you want.

Also, this compact machine doesn’t have pre-set programmable buttons for specific coffee volumes.

However, you have control over the amount of water used for each shot by manually starting and stopping the brewing process.

Essentially, you can control the extraction time, which lets you adjust the espresso volume.

How Does It Handle Different Roasts?

EC155 handles different roasts reasonably well. 

However, like any espresso machine, it’s essential to make some adjustments to get the best results with each type of roast.

Here’s how De’Longhi EC155 handled different roasts and types of beans:

  • Light roast — I had the worst results with this roast, but I ground it finer and increased the extraction time to bring out the nuanced flavors without too much bitterness.
  • Medium roast — The EC155 handled medium roasts very well, and I had balanced espresso extraction.
  • Dark roast — I had the best results and smooth espresso with dark roasts. EC155 has 15 bars of pressure, which is sufficient pressure to extract the rich oils and flavors from these beans.

Tips From A Barista!

Make sure to use freshly ground coffee with your espresso makers for better-tasting espresso shots and drinks.

Look, Feel, and Size Of The Machine

The main excuse I hear from people who won’t give up their trips to the local coffee shop is that they don’t have enough counter space for espresso machines.

Well, that excuse doesn’t work with DeLonghi EC155. It’s a little machine with dimensions 12.2 x 19.3 x 15 in. Plus, it weighs just over 6 lbs, so you can easily move it around your home.

Overall, this semi-automatic espresso machine is slim enough to squeeze onto the most cramped kitchen counters.

The user interface is simple and intuitive to use. There aren’t any digital displays or complicated control panels. There’s only one dial on the front.

All you need to do is twist it to start making espresso or steam milk. The machine also has two indicator lights that let you know the machine is on and it’s done preheating.

A steam wand is located to the side, and the 35 oz water tank is removable and is located in the back. It's transparent, so you can easily check the water levels.

Overall, the machine looks and feels simple, which is nice if you don't want to press 5+ buttons to get to your drink.

The stainless steel boiler is durable, and the filter baskets are metal.

The portafilter is stainless steel with a rubbery grip, making it easy to apply pressure and lock in. It can withstand high pressure and espresso and cappuccino brewing temperatures.

Apart from these parts, the EC155 is made of plastic, unlike high-end coffee makers. However, I didn’t have any issues with the build quality.

It was durable, and many users report using the machine for years.

Look, Feel, and Size Of The DeLonghi EC155

What Drinks Can It Make?

DeLonghi EC155 can make cappuccino and authentic espresso drinks. You can choose between a single or a double shot.

The milk wand doubles as a hot water dispenser, so you can also get Americanos.

You can experiment with foam milk as your barista skills grow and make various specialty drinks, such as flat white, lattes, and more.

How Easy Is It To Use?

EC155 semi-automatic machine is easy to use. It’s a self-priming machine, which means you turn it on, and the machine heats up.

You decide how much coffee to use and turn the knob on the front of the machine to start the water flow.

After your shot is done, switch the knob back to 0 and choose between resting, heating, brewing, or steaming.

Keep in mind the machine doesn’t stop the brew cycle automatically, so you have to pay attention to the time.

If you aren’t a professional barista (and most of us aren’t), you’ll need to practice pulling a few shots to get time timing right.

How Long Does It Take? (From Heat Up To First Sip)

It takes around 17 minutes from heat up to the first sip. Keep in mind this is a cheap espresso machine, so it takes time to get up to speed.

The preheat time is 15 minutes. The machine needs around 30 seconds to extract a shot, and you need another minute to steam milk.

Luckily, the EC155 has two thermometers, so you don't have to wait long for the semi-automatic machine to switch between brewing to steaming.

I admit, I wasn’t a fan of this wait time. However, I found it passes by quickly.

I turn on the cappuccino maker, and by the time I finish my morning routine, the machine is ready to make delicious homemade espresso.

Delonghi EC155 Espresso Machine Making Two Shots

Does It Have A Water Filtration System?

No, DeLonghi EC155 doesn’t have a water filtration system. 

I’d prefer to see a water filter, as water has impurities that build up over time and negatively affect your espresso cups.

However, I found that with regular maintenance and descaling, there's no need for a water filter.

How Hard Is It To Clean and Descale?

It’s not hard to clean and descale DeLonghi EC155. If you’ve never used a semi-automatic machine before, it may seem like a lot of work, but you’ll get used to it.

Use a clean cloth and warm water to wipe down the machine, including the drip tray and the steam wand.

Clean the portafilter and the filter basket every day. Rinse with warm water and dry them.

DeLonghi recommends descaling after 200 coffees and cleaning the boiler outlet after 300 drinks. You’ll find detailed instructions for both in the manual.

Finally, it would be best if you purged the steam wand before and after use. The last thing you want is curdled milk in your drink.

You can even unscrew the cap on the wand and give it a thorough cleaning, which I recommend.

Cleaning The DeLonghi EC155

My Favorite Parts About The DeLonghi EC155

I loved the Advanced Cappuccino System that let me brew a dozen espresso shots in succession.

This is especially handy if you share your espresso machine with other coffee drinkers or have friends over.

I also loved that there are two thermostats: one for checking the water temperature and one for the milk wand. 

This is a great feature, as steaming and brewing temperatures vary wildly. Finally, the cup warmer on top let me preheat my cup and have hotter espressos.

My Least Favorite Parts About This DeLonghi Model

I didn't like that there was not enough space to fit taller cups under the spout. DeLonghi device is compact, which means there's little room under the portafilter, and it doesn't fit a travel mug.

I also didn’t like that the tamper is plastic. Plus, it’s worth mentioning it’s attached next to the brew group, which is awkwardly placed, and I couldn’t apply sufficient pressure.

Finally, the machine has inconsistent extraction temperature, which doesn’t happen with more expensive machines.

Delonghi EC155 Vs Similar Coffee Machines

Delonghi EC155 Vs Capresso EC50

Both EC155 and EC50 espresso machines have a pump with 15 bars of pressure, which is enough to produce authentic espresso.

Capresso EC50 has a larger water tank at 42 oz, so you can make more cups of coffee without refilling.

Capresso EC50 also has a swivel milk frother with two options: one for steamed milk for lattes and one for frothed milk for cappuccinos.

Capresso also needs less time to warm up — around five to six minutes.

Overall, both of these best espresso machines are great if you want good flavor, more control over your puck, and an entry-level price point.

Delonghi EC155 Vs Capresso EC50

Delonghi EC155 Vs Stilosa

DeLonghi Stilosa also makes 15-bar espresso shots. It comes with a milk steamer, so it’s a perfect machine for making various milk-based drinks.

The design deserves special mention. It’s a matte black finish with a plastic and stainless steel combo, so it fits with any kitchen decor and doesn’t take up much countertop space.

You can use this pump-driven espresso machine to pull single and double shots, and it’s also compatible with ESE pods.

The main difference compared to EC155 is that Stilosa has a two-level cup holder so that you can fit taller mugs.

Finally, it has two basket sizes for single and double espresso. However, both are pressurized, so you need to use pre-ground coffee grounds.

Delonghi EC155 Vs Stilosa

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How will I know when to descale my DeLonghi EC155?

You’ll know when to descale your DeLonghi EC155 because the descaling light will turn on.

Do I need a coffee grinder to use the DeLonghi EC155?

Yes, you need a coffee grinder to use DeLonghi EC155. The coffee machine doesn’t have a built-in grinder.

Can I use oat milk with the DeLonghi EC155?

Yes, you can use oat milk with the DeLonghi EC155. However, the manufacturer recommends using skim milk.

How much is the DeLonghi EC 155?

DeLonghi EC 155 is priced at around $100.

Is The Delonghi EC155 Worth Your Money?

I hope you found this cappuccino maker review useful. DeLonghi EC155 pump espresso machine is worth your money if you want an affordable machine that makes good espresso on a budget.

It has a simple interface, a temperature indicator light that lets you know the machine is ready for use, and a milk wand for making cappuccinos.

With regular use and maintenance, this machine will last for years. It’s also a great choice if you want to use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better machines.

Delonghi EC155

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating




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