12 Best Dairy Free Starbucks Drinks (For Lactose Intolerance)

Being lactose intolerant or choosing to go dairy free can make simple choices more complicated. Even choosing a Starbucks drink can be difficult, making you avoid coffee shops altogether.

Thankfully, you don't need to because, in this guide, we'll introduce you to the best dairy free Starbucks drinks so you can get your fix no matter what dietary restrictions you have.  

Starbucks has always been ahead of the curve, and they create drinks for basically any diet. They have quite a few dairy free options and some secret menu drinks that you can ask them to create too. Here's our list of the best hot and cold Starbucks drinks for those with lactose intolerance: 

1. Honey Almond Milk Flat White 

The Starbucks honey almond milk flat white combines the richness of honey with the nuttiness of the milk to create a warm autumnal drink. It’s made with their signature espresso topped with almond milk foam with honey syrup mixed in.

The almond milk isn't as frothy as regular milk or coconut milk, so it's a little less smooth than a traditional flat white, but it's noticeably sweeter. It has 170 calories in a serving and 115mg of caffeine, so you'll get a nice energy boost alongside the sweet flavors. There's no dairy in it at all, but it's actually a popular drink with those who aren't lactose intolerant. 

This drink is a perfect dairy free alternative to a regular flavored latte. It’s popular with those who appreciate a flat white but prefer it a bit sweeter, and the switch from regular to almond milk really adds to the taste. You can also ask for the iced honey almond milk flat white if you prefer a cold version. 

Flat White and Honey Almond Milk Flat White

2. Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte 

The sugar cookie almond milk latte is the first dairy free drink on the Starbucks seasonal menu. This is the ultimate Christmas drink which is made by mixing a blonde espresso, almond milk, and sugar cookie syrup, and then it’s then topped with green and red sprinkles to give it the holiday look.  

The sugar cookie almond milk latte has 210 calories, 150mg of caffeine, and absolutely no dairy. It's got a very sugary taste. In fact, it's almost sickly sweet, but it's very popular with younger Starbucks drinkers. If you want a bit hit of caffeine and sugar without any dairy, then you won’t find many better Starbucks drinks out there. It’s only available in the holiday season between November and January so get it while you can! 

Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte

3. Hazelnut Almond Milk Latte  

This variation isn’t on the regular Starbucks menu, but to order it, you just need to ask for almond milk instead of whole milk. It’s the perfect dairy free treat for nut lovers and is available year-round for every Starbucks.

It’s made with an espresso base, hazelnut syrup, and steamed almond milk. The hazelnut syrup and almond milk combine really effectively to give you a sweet, smooth, nutty flavor that warms you through on a cold day.  

This dairy free Starbucks drink has 195 calories, 115mg of caffeine, and no dairy at all. It’s a favorite with older Starbucks drinkers and is the perfect latte for lactose intolerant drinkers. Just make sure to order it without whipped cream to keep it dairy free.  

Hazelnut Almond Milk Latte

4. Americano 

If you’re a lactose intolerant coffee purist, then you can’t go wrong with a Starbucks Americano. It's made with a double espresso base and then topped up with hot water, and in a standard serving, there are no calories, no dairy, and 150mg of caffeine. This makes it the perfect dairy free diet drink and even suitable for those on keto. 

Many people choose to add milk to their Americano, so make sure you use a plant-based alternative. We find that soy works best to keep the coffee flavor, and coconut adds a touch of richness. Starbucks Americano may seem like a boring drink compared to some of their others, but it's completely dairy free and has the bold flavor that comes from their espresso. This is a favorite with older Starbucks drinkers and coffee lovers.  

Caffe Americano

5. Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso 

This is a relatively new dairy free Starbucks iced coffee that is massively popular in the summer months. It combines the strong flavors of a Starbucks blonde espresso with the light almond milk to create a sweeter iced coffee that’s much more drinkable. It’s made with an espresso base mixed with cocoa, malt, and topped with almond milk. It’s then all poured over ice.  

This dairy free Starbucks has a massive hit of caffeine from the triple blonde espresso base. A single serving has 255mg of caffeine, 110 calories, and 16 grams of sugar in a serving, but it's perfectly safe for those who are lactose intolerant. It’s popular with dairy and non-dairy drinkers alike and great for those who want a big energy boost.  

Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso

6. Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso 

The iced brown sugar oat milk espresso looks very similar to the chocolate almond milk iced espresso, but the use of oat milk gives it a very different character. It’s very sweet and strong and works well for those who need a strong pick me up in the summer months.

It’s made using their new brown sugar syrup and combines it with oat milk to give it a real depth of flavor that you don’t have in many other Starbucks iced drinks. They make it with a triple espresso base mixed with the brown sugar syrup and then hand shake it with oat milk over ice.  

A single serving has 255mg of caffeine, 128 calories, and 15 grams of sugar in a serving. It’s a popular option with lactose intolerant coffee lovers who like it sweet, and the oat milk works well in balancing out the espresso and brown sugar flavors.  

Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso

7. Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew And Nitro Cold Brew 

Starbucks cold brew is made by slowly distilling coffee beans in cold water for 18 hours. This technique gives a very similar taste to regular Starbucks coffee but retains much more caffeine and gives a huge caffeine hit. In fact, many people have started having cold brews instead of energy drinks because you can get as big a caffeine hit. 

The caffeine is complimented by the sweetness of the honey and the almond milk to make it surprisingly easy to drink. You can also ask for the nitro cold brew version, which incorporates nitrogen into the brewing process and makes it velvety smooth to drink.  

The honey almond milk cold brew is made with Starbucks cold brew mixed with honey syrup and topped with almond milk. There are 50 calories, 205mg, and 6 grams of sugar in a serving, so it's a light option, and it's very popular with coffee enthusiasts and those who need that big caffeine boost to get through the day.  

Honey Almond-milk Nitro Cold Brew

8. Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink 

If you’re looking for a fruity but healthy, dairy free alternative, then the iced pineapple matcha drink is a perfect choice. It combines bold pineapple with the natural sweetness of matcha to give you a stimulating flavor that is mixed with the rich coconut milk so that it coats your mouth. This drink is available in every Starbucks and will make you feel like you’re sipping a tropical drink on holiday.  

Each serving of the iced pineapple matcha drink has 170 calories, 27 grams of sugar, and no dairy. The matcha tea gives you about 80mg of caffeine in a serving, so you'll also get a slight energy boost, and it’s a favorite with Starbucks drinkers of all ages because of its unique and sophisticated taste.  

Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink

9. Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink 

The Starbucks iced guava passionfruit drink is the most tropical drink Starbucks has on the menu. It’s made by mixing guava juice with pineapple and ginger, which is then hand-shaken with coconut milk over ice. It's smooth, creamy, and surprisingly rich for a tropical drink, so it's sure to give you a big hit of refreshment.  

There’s no dairy in this drink, but there are 190 calories and 33 grams of sugar. There's also no caffeine, so it's suitable for kids or adults, and it's a great morning drink on a hot day. Most Starbucks will offer it year-round, but some only stock it in summer, so you might have to check the availability in your local store.  

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

10. Dragon Drink 

The dragon drink looks great and tastes great. The mango and dragon fruit flavors are unlike anything else on the Starbucks menu, and it's perfect for anyone who wants a creamy but dairy free summer drink. It's made by mixing mango and dragon fruit extracts with milk and ice. Real dragon fruit pieces are then added to enhance the flavor.  

These unique purple color of this drink makes it perfect for showing off on social media. It’s a favorite with younger drinkers and especially popular with teens across the world. There are 130 calories, 23 grams of sugar, and 45mg of caffeine in each serving.  

Dragon Drink with Cold Foam

11. Star Drink 

The Starbucks star drink is inspired by the flavors of starfruit and kiwi. These are definitely acquired tastes, but the sweet and slightly tangy flavor mixes well with the rich coconut milk. It creates a tropical drink that will make you feel like you're lying on the beach enjoying the sunshine.  

The smooth texture and fruit flavors make this a favorite for dairy and non-dairy drinkers alike. It’s made by mixing starfruit and kiwi juice with coconut milk and real kiwi fruit pieces. There are 130 calories, 23 grams of sugar, and 45mg of caffeine in a serving, and it's popular with young and old Starbucks drinkers alike. You should be able to order it year-round, but it’s generally one for the summer months.  

Star Drink

12. Pink Drink 

The pink drink is one of the most famous Starbucks options. It rose to fame on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram as influencers couldn’t resist taking loads of pictures of the uniquely pink drink. It’s made with a strawberry acai refresher base, coconut milk, and fresh strawberries, and it is definitely one of the most striking drinks on the Starbucks menu.  

The Starbucks pink drink tastes a bit like a strawberry milkshake. It has a rich creaminess from the coconut milk and an intense strawberry flavor throughout. It's completely dairy free and has 140 calories, 24 grams of sugar, and no caffeine. It’s a favorite with younger Starbucks drinkers but tends to be most popular with teenage girls.  

The Pink Drink

Understanding Non-Dairy Drinks (Quick Facts + How To Order) 

Starbucks is actually quite progressive when it comes to dairy free drinks, and there are many different options. If you're lactose intolerant, then you don't want to take any risks, so alongside the 12 drinks we've introduced, there are a few other things you should consider: 

Choose The Right Milk  

Starbucks uses 2% milk as standard in their hot or cold drinks. However, all Starbucks now offer coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk as dairy free alternatives. These have the advantage of being lactose-free but also having fewer calories, so many people choose them as a diet option.  

The plant-based milks all have a different taste, and you'll need to work out which one you prefer. Only coconut milk and soy milk froth up the same way as regular milk, so you're better off using them in lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas. You'll have to pay extra for these plant-based milks, and it will usually be around $0.50 more, depending on the size of your drink.  

Check The Syrup 

You might think that Starbucks syrup is safe to order, but many of them actually have dairy in them. The good news is that the majority of Starbucks syrups are safe for those with lactose intolerance, but you should avoid the cookies and crème, caramel, toffee, and white chocolate sauces and syrups. It's a good idea to ask your barista if you're not sure, so you avoid the syrups which contain dairy.  

Use The App 

The Starbucks app lets you skip the queues and get points for every dollar you spend. It also lets you see the nutritional values of all Starbucks drinks, including the dairy in the ingredients. Using the app can let you see the drinks which are safe for you to order and helps you avoid the others.  

Speak To The Barista 

If you aren't using the app, then it's worth speaking to the barista. This can be a little uncomfortable for some people, but if you tell them you need to avoid dairy, then they can advise on the best drinks and ingredients that you are good to order. This is the best way to make sure you get a dairy free Starbucks.  

Frequently Asked Dairy Free Starbucks Drinks Questions 

Do Starbucks syrups have dairy? 

Not all Starbucks syrups have dairy, but a few do. If you're lactose intolerant, you should avoid the cookie crème, toffee, and white chocolate syrups, but make sure to ask your barista before you order to make sure the syrups in the drink are dairy free.  

Does Starbucks have dairy-free cold foam? 

Yes, Starbucks has released a new non-dairy cold foam with under 50 calories per serving.  

Is Starbucks mocha dairy free? 

A standard Starbucks mocha isn’t dairy free because it contains 2% milk. However, the mocha syrup is dairy free, so if you ask for the Starbucks mocha with almond milk, then it is suitable for those with lactose intolerance.  


Over 36% of Americans are lactose intolerant to some degree, so it's a condition that affects millions of people. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great Starbucks drink because they really do have something for everyone, including dairy free options for those avoiding regular milk. Hopefully this guide has given you some interesting dairy free Starbucks ideas to try on your next visit.