From cobblestone streets to ancient volcanoes, Antigua, Guatemala is a testament to centuries of adventures and history.

Amongst it all is a paradise for coffee lovers, where you have the opportunity to see the process from beginning to end.

If you’re spending any time in this special place, you absolutely have to take at least one of the best coffee tours in Antigua.

I've carefully curated my top 11, each with its own flavor and appeal. Let's jump right in!

1. Rural Farm Coffee Tour Antigua Guatemala

What You’ll Do

Learn about coffee production, go on a historical tour

Tour Length

2 to 3 hours

Average Cost


The Rural Farm Coffee Tour in Antigua, Guatemala, is exactly what I was looking for in an authentic experience. You'll learn all about the treasured beverage and the coffee farmers themselves.

Get a glimpse into rural life in this beautiful country, where a coffee farmer will show you all about artisanal coffee production.

My favorite part was learning how to brew up cowboy coffee after properly roasting and grinding the fresh coffee beans!

Even if you’re the kind of person who needs milk or cream in their coffee, I bet you will enjoy this plain and pure!

Of course, you’ll get to taste plenty of their prized coffee beans before going on a historical tour of Antigua.

The local guides offer captivating commentary about the history of the city, as well as the architecture from the Spanish Colonial period here.

2. Sip’n Cycle Coffee & Mountain Bike Tour

What You’ll Do

Coffee tour by mountain bike, visit to farm, learn about coffee, lunch with local family

Tour Length

4 to 5 hours

Average Cost


If you want to appreciate Antigua to its fullest, you have to get outdoors.

This is so much more than just a coffee farm tour; you'll kickstart your experience with an intermediate bike riding adventure through the lush countryside in the morning.

Coffee helps boost energy and focus, so you’re sure to have plenty of energy for biking and learning.[1]

Your destination is a local coffee farm, where you'll learn about the time-honored art of flame-roasting and hand-grinding coffee beans, as it's been done here for nearly 200 years.

A co-op member will be there to guide you, offering a hands-on experience that immerses you in Guatemala's coffee culture.

Before you head back, fuel up on a traditional Guatemalan lunch with the coffee farmer and their family!

It felt like longtime friends had welcomed me into their home, and I absolutely loved this really interesting tour learning from the best.

3. Coffee Finca & Macadamia Farm Combo Tour

What You’ll Do

Full-day tour of coffee and macadamia plantations

Tour Length

4 hours

Average Cost


Rather than being herded around in a massive group tour, this next Guatemala Antigua coffee experience has a private guide leading you and your party on a full-day journey through sustainable agriculture and history.

Venture through a coffee plantation, where you'll learn about the intricate coffee process from the growers.

Then, take an amazing tour of a macadamia nut plantation and listen to interesting live commentary about their rainforest-friendly practices.

After the educational macadamia and Guatemalan coffee tour experience, you’ll get to sample the tasty products while enjoying the local indigenous Mayan music at Casa Kojom.

Convenient round-trip private transportation is provided with your tour.

4. Coffee & Culture Tour - Antigua City & Coffee Farm

What You’ll Do

Visit Cerro de la Cruz, amazing architecture, local lunch, and learn about coffee processing

Tour Length

7 to 8 hours

Average Cost


If you have the whole day free and are looking for one of the more Antigua, Guatemala coffee tours, this is one of the best.

Traveling through the stunning Plaza Central, you'll learn about coffee and the country's rich culture.

Here, you’ll see and learn about La Catedral, Iglesia de San Francisco, Calle del Arco (the famous yellow arch), and more. After the beautiful walk through Antigua, head to Cerro de la Cruz.

Sweeping views over the city and unobstructed views of the Volcan Agua make it perfect for photo ops before enjoying one of the most delicious restaurants in the city.

After fueling up, it's time for your coffee plantation visit, where you'll not only drink coffee but participate in the entire coffee-making process.

5. Antigua Guatemala Coffee Crawl

What You’ll Do

Visit coffee farm and craft brewery, participate in a tasting, take two coffee workshops

Tour Length

4 hours

Average Cost


Learn about and taste all kinds of brews on one of the best coffee tours Antigua, Guatemala, has to offer.

Starting with jaw-dropping vistas dominated by the three local volcanoes, you'll head to a traditional coffee farm.

Learn about every nuance of the process, from field to cup - even down to the different soil types and how to smell them properly!

You'll then partake in two workshops to refine your coffee-tasting skills and learn how to make the perfect espresso, latte, and cappuccino.

Even as an experienced barista, I learned some valuable tips!

There’s no better way to follow that up than with a trip to the beautiful Antigua Brewery, with amazing views and delicious, cold local beer.

6. Antigua ATV Coffee Tour

What You’ll Do

Try Guatemalan coffee, see El Cerro de la Cruz by ATV, visit local plantation

Tour Length

3 hours

Average Cost


Who wouldn’t want to go on an adrenaline-pumping escapade through the lush natural landscapes of Guatemala and enjoy the uniquely bold elixir that only Antigua is known for?

After a short yet exhilarating ride, you'll dive into a bilingual tour at a local coffee plantation in nearby Jocotenango.

From there, you’ll do another quick ride to the legendary La Azotea coffee plantation, where you'll discover the secrets of top-notch coffee production.

A visit to the music museum adds another cultural layer to the mix, followed by an ATV ride up to Cerro de la Cruz - one of my favorite lookouts in all of Latin America.

7. Coffee Tour in Sacatepequez with Tasting

What You’ll Do

Visit coffee grower, learn all about harvesting and growing coffee

Tour Length

3 hours

Average Cost


If you’d like to enjoy one of the best Guatemala tours out there yet stick to a tight budget, this is a fantastic way to learn about the coffee industry from knowledgeable guides and growers.

Right in the heart of coffee country, you'll dive deep into how to care for the coffee plant, learn about the roasting process and cultivating coffee, and so much more.

As you meander through the green fields of the agricultural center, you'll learn about the locals' daily lives.

Learn how to make the best cup of high-quality coffee possible, going to the farmer’s house for a tasting afterward!

Enjoy the rich aroma of the different coffee bean types while learning how to make latte art and perfect your coffee the way it should be made.

His wife even made tasty beans and tortillas for a snack!

8. Villages and Plantations Around Antigua Guatemala

What You’ll Do

Chocolate workshop, visit macadamia and coffee plantations, and textile museum

Tour Length

5 hours

Average Cost


It's rare to learn about macadamia nut production, chocolate production, and the entire process of making coffee in one day.

However, you'll spend this Guatemala Antigua coffee tour learning about them all and more!

With this private coffee tour in Antigua, you’ll have a guide and coffee farmer all to yourself to learn about local communities, indigenous cultures, coffee plants, and the difference in coffee beans.

The San Juan del Obispo pueblo, which sits right at the base of the Volcan Agua, is breathtaking, and it's here that you'll see the Cacao Artisanal workshop and Old Bishop's Palace.

It’s not all about coffee farms, though. Don’t forget a trip to the textile museum to learn about how they make traditional Guatemalan clothes, too!

9. Private Walking Tour in Antigua & Coffee Plantation Experience

What You’ll Do

Coffee tour at La Azotea Coffee Farm, historical tour of Antigua, visit to volcanoes

Tour Length

7 to 8 hours

Average Cost


As one of the most well-preserved colonial cities in the world, Antigua is best explored by foot.

With a local guide to take you on this private tour, you’ll explore beautiful historic sites on your walk, transporting you back in time almost 500 years ago!

You'll see reenactments involving knights and maidens surrounded by original architecture from the times, with the natural beauty of 3 volcanoes looming over the city (one of them is active, and you can often see red lava flowing at night!).

Aside from this wonderful tour taking you by cobblestone street to monasteries and colonial homes, you'll hear a very informative presentation at La Azotea coffee plantation, where you'll learn ALL about Antigua, Guatemala coffee.

10. Coffee Beverage-Making Techniques Workshop

What You’ll Do

Coffee tasting, coffee workshop

Tour Length

1 hour and 30 mins

Average Cost


If you have a packed schedule but would still like to experience one of the best coffee tours in Antigua, Guatemala, this is your best bet. In just 1.5 hours, you'll become an Antigua coffee expert!

You'll have a professional barista take you through the history of Guatemala coffee, from the very beginning of how the coffee trees came to arrive in the country.

Learn all about the roasting process, brewing techniques, Guatemala coffee extraction, and the other 7 main coffee regions found here.

This amazing experience teaches you how to properly decipher flavor notes and try their own specialty coffee for yourself.

11. Coffee Plantation and Antigua City Combo

What You’ll Do

Visit sugar cane plantation, take a tour of Antigua

Tour Length

6 hours

Average Cost


As both a lover of history and coffee, this was a coffee tour in Antigua I knew I could not miss.

Starting in the morning, you and your guide will head to La Azotea Cultural Center, where you'll take your coffee tour and explore the coffee museum.

There are three separate museums on the grounds of the coffee farms here, which teach about how to process and make delicious coffee beans and market the production.

I loved learning about the Mayan music, their traditional attire, the history of Antigua, Guatemala coffee, and the country's history.

Then head to the Plaza Central, where you'll see various UNESCO sites and learn about the city's Spanish origins and intense history before grabbing lunch.[2]

Related Guatemalan Coffee Tour Questions

When is the best time to go on an Antigua Guatemala coffee tour?

Antigua, Guatemala coffee tours operate year-round, though I recommend going earlier in the day to avoid crowds and the majority of the heat.

Will there be a coffee tasting on the tour?

Yes, you'll be able to partake in coffee tastings on every Antigua, Guatemala coffee tour on this guide. By the time you're finished, you'll know all the ins and outs of the area's coffee beans and how the coffee plantations operate!

Is the coffee tour in English or Spanish?

Your Antigua, Guatemala coffee tour will be conducted in English. However, many of the coffee growers do not speak English. In these cases, your guide will be there to translate to English for you.

Summary: Book Your Guatemalan Coffee Tour!

Any of the activities above make for a great tour, and most even include transportation of some kind, so you aren't left to your own devices.

If you'd like to explore from the roasting room to the coffee fields themselves while sampling the product of a world-class coffee bean, I can't recommend these tours enough.

Located just about an hour from Guatemala City, enjoying a "best coffee tour in Antigua" is something you can't miss.



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