Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

Espressos are regarded as the true Italian coffee with a bold and distinctive flavor, but, unfortunately, espresso machines are really expensive. This means you have to pay a lot more to have an espresso at home, and if you’re on a tight budget, it’s really difficult to justify the extra expense.  In this guide, we’ll help … Read more

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original (Machine & Capsules Compared)

Nespresso machines are a great alternative to more expensive espresso machines, brewing espresso and coffee from capsules (commonly referred to as “pods”). They have exploded in popularity in the last few years due to how convenient, affordable, and tasty their coffee is.  The top models within the Nespresso brand are the Nespresso Vertuo and Nespresso Original, but … Read more

Nespresso Vs Keurig (Which Coffee Pod Machine Is Best?)

Coffee pod machines are all the rage right now. They’re convenient, easy to use, look great on your kitchen countertop, and ideal for making one cup of coffee at a time. There are many coffee pod machines to choose from, but the best are, without a doubt, Nespresso and Keurig.  When comparing Nespresso vs. Keurig, there are some similarities, but … Read more

Coffee Machines

Check out the range of home coffee machines we recommend here at BaristaHQLello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige Coffee MakerThe Lello 1375 Ariete Café Prestige Coffee Maker is a fantastic value for money machine. It is rare to find a stainless steel coffee maker under $200 which is still capable of making an outstanding espresso, though … Read more