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Coffee lovers know that freshly ground beans make the perfect cup. Pre-grinded beans often don’t have the freshness you need to brew a flavorful cup of coffee. However, grinding coffee beans is a tedious process. You need to invest in a suitable device and dedicate enough time.  

Dedicating enough time is easy, but finding a suitable device can be challenging. But what if you already own a blender like Vitamix? Can you grind coffee beans in a Vitamix? Let’s find out.  

Is It OK To Grind Coffee Beans In A Vitamix? (Reasons It Works Well)

Vitamix blender is a high-performing blender. Unlike many blenders in the market, this brand allows you to manually control how the blades rotate. This manual control will enable you to grind the coffee beans well, giving you the aroma, taste, and flavor you need to blend the perfect cup. But what makes Vitamix a great device to grind coffee beans? Here are the reasons:  

High Powered Motor

While Vitamix doesn’t have the highest horsepower available in blenders, it has a trained motor that controls the whole machine. Its focused power of the complete blending system allows the components of the blender to create a faster, smoother blend packed with flavor. In addition, it can handle various dry ingredients such as nuts, spices, whole grains, and coffee beans with ease.  

Strong & Durable Blades

This blender uses air-craft grade stainless steel blades designed to handle the toughest ingredients, allowing you to have the same quality results from the first blend to your last. Because of this, you can grind as many coffee beans as you want without worrying about breaking the machine.  

Faster Blade Spin

The Vitamix features a Variable Speed Control that lets you adjust the blade speed depending on how you want the size of your coffee grounds. It can be fast enough to ground the beans finely or create a coarse grind. It also has an automated blending with programmed settings that provide consistent coffee grounds results. The blades also spin at more than 240 miles per hour, unlike other blenders that only reach 100 miles per hour.  

Tall Dry Container Has Great Design & BPA Free

Vitamix uses a tall, dry container that’s BPA-free. The container is designed with a vented lid and removable plug, allowing you to place the ground beans on it and continue grinding the beans without any mess or spills. It is also tall enough to accommodate the headspace at the top of beans while grinding them, so some pieces go ungrounded.  

vitamix coffee beans

How To Grind Coffee In Vitamix For Optimal Results 

With Vitamix, grinding coffee beans has never been easier. Unlike manual burr grinders and blade grinders, grinding using this blender is straightforward. All you need to do is prepare your favorite coffee beans, put them in the dry container, and blend. Below is a detailed instruction on how to achieve the perfect coffee grind.  

  1. 1
    Prepare the beans and attach the dry grains container to the blender. Then, add the beans.  
  2. 2
    Don’t put it at the highest speed right away. This will result in an uneven grind. Instead, turn it on Variable Speed 1. Then, increase the speed all the way up to 8. Hold this speed for about 10 seconds if you want a coarse grind. If you want finer grinds, hold it for 20 seconds.  
  3. 3
    Your grounded coffee beans are now ready! Use them in your favorite coffee methods, such as pour-over or French press. You can even brew iced coffee right in your Vitamix.  

Note: The texture of your grinds depends on how long you blend them. If you want to use them for a normal brewed coffee, a coarse grind (10 seconds) is enough. But if you’ll use them for espresso, you’ll need an extremely fine grind (20 seconds). 

black coffee on white mug and coffee beans

How To Clean The Vitamix After Grinding Coffee Beans 

Cleaning your Vitamix blender right after grinding coffee beans is essential. While leftover grinds won’t immediately damage your machine, they can contribute to shortening its lifespan.

Over time, coffee dust will infiltrate every nook and cranny of the blender, and oils might coat the blade, machine, and other components. 

person holding coffee beans

If not cleaned, fine particles can overwork the motor and cause it to fail. In addition, oils can go rancid and ruin future grounds.  

So make it a habit to clean your Vitamix blender right after using it to grind coffee beans. Thankfully, this is an easy process. All you need to do is blend warm water and a drop of dish soap at your blender’s highest speed. Then, watch the whole machine clean itself in 60 seconds or less—no need to disassemble it.   

Pros & Cons Of Grinding Coffee In A Blender 

The Good 
  • Many people have a blender readily available
  • Straightforward and not complicated  
  • All-in-one machine to grind and blend coffee drinks  
  • Easier to clean  
  • You can choose your grind texture  
The Bad 
  • Tendency to overgrind  
  • Uneven grinds can sometimes lead to bitter taste 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What kind of coffee drinks can you make in Vitamix? 

You can create a variety of drinks in your Vitamix, including hot drinks such as cappuccino, lattes and cold beverages like frappes and shakes. You can even do a cold brew in the machine.  

What setting should I grind my coffee in? 

You should always start in the lowest setting and increase your speed after. Starting with the highest speed can cause uneven grinds and produce bitter coffee.  

How long does Vitamix Grind Coffee? 

Vitamix can grind coffee in 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the kind of grinds you like.  

Can you put hot liquid into a Vitamix? 

Yes, you can. The Vitamix Ascent™ Series blender can hold hot liquid with a temperature of up to 170°F. But don’t add anything to the container that exceeds this temperature.  


Apart from grinding your coffee beans, the Vitamix blender is also a great machine to create coffee-based beverages. You can use it to create cappuccinos, lattes, shakes, and many more. So if you have a Vitamix in your kitchen, take advantage of the flexibility it offers and make freshly ground coffee beans.  

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