How To Flavor Coffee Beans (Effective Ways To Do At Home)

In the coffee-enthusiast community, purists tend to look down their noses at flavored coffee beans. We aren’t really sure why, perhaps because of the industrial-grade garbage put out every day by Starbucks, the term “Pumpkin spiced chai frappe” elicits a shudder, even from us. Here at Barista HQ, we think freshly roasted beans with flavor have … Read more

Can You Bring Ground Coffee Or Beans On A Plane? (Travel Guidelines)

When traveling long-distance, it helps to take your favorite roasted coffee beans with you to gain all the numerous health benefits from coffee. But coffee lovers going by plane might ask, “how can you bring coffee beans on a plane”.  Typically, the answer is that you can if you’re traveling domestically from and to American airports. But … Read more