Cheese In Coffee: Try Scandinavian Kaffeost Today!

Cheese in coffee - sounds wild, right?

Don't go running off just yet; you may find that this local delicacy-turned-trend taking the coffee world by storm could revolutionize your morning coffee.

Discover a whole new world as I break down the ancient tradition of combining coffee and cheese.

What Exactly Is Kaffeost? (Brief History)

Kaffeost, or coffee cheese, is exactly what it seems - it is a cheese that is put in coffee. A Saami tradition, leipajuusto is a light and sweet cheese that is known in the US as Finnish squeaky cheese.[1]

Traditionally, kaffeost is made with reindeer milk and lightly charred before adding cheese to coffee.

However, brands have started to use cow or goat milk to achieve similar effects - not everyone has access to reindeer milk in their day-to-day lives, after all.

This coffee cheese is typically dried to that it can accompany the nomadic Saami people through their long wintry travels.

This drying process leaves it with plenty of holes and crevices similar to the inside of a bread loaf.

This dried and porous texture makes it perfect for soaking up other flavors that can complement its light and sweet taste.

Unlike other cheeses that may come to mind, kaffeost has a sweet and creamy texture that is reminiscent of cream and sugar when added to hot coffee.

As they blend, the cheese curds take on a coffee taste and the coffee gains pleasant mild flavors, making a great snack together.

Some have described the smooth and rich flavor of cheese and coffee as being similar to coffee cheesecake or tiramisu.

Adding Blocks Of Cheese To Coffee Kaffeost

How to Make The Perfect Cheese Coffee Combo

So how do people in Scandinavian countries go about making kaffeost and enjoy coffee with cheese ingredients? It is much simpler than you think to make the perfect coffee and cheese combination.

Simply cut the cheese into 5-7 cm long chunks, pop them in your coffee cup, and pour hot filter coffee over it. Some people shake things up by adding the cheese afterward.

Regardless of preference, you need to then let the cheese and coffee steep for a few minutes to let them mingle. Once it is ready, you can either remove the cheese and eat it right away or later.

Alternatively, you can leave it in the cup and take a bite and sip at the same time. In certain Latin American countries, you can also use queso blanco in hot chocolate with similar results. 

Some people love to dip their bread in with the drink for a bread, cheese, and coffee combination - talk about a hearty breakfast!

What can you use if you do not have access to authentic Swedish cheese coffee?

Well, this is where you get experimental. Before you go shoving blue cheese in your coffee, take some time to consider your cheese pairings.

The key features that make kaffeost stand out are its creaminess and sweetness, so finding a similar cheese is essential.

You may want to pop into a specialist cheesemonger to see what they might suggest.

If you love cheese, it is possible to have some fun and explore some delicious and peculiar options with different coffees.

When it comes to experimenting, it is fun to pair different beans with a slice of cheese for unique flavor combinations - we suggest that you serve this at your next dinner party for a fun way to enjoy aperitifs.

Tips On Tastes That Pair Well

  • Mild and sweet cheeses with a medium roast of low acidity
  • Milky and sweet coffee with soft cheeses similar to brie or mozzarella.
  • For bold and weird flavors, try a nutty, funky cheese with something like strong Kenyan beans.

For example, you can try these cheeses paired with various roasts served together:

  • Sharp cheddar and bitter espresso
  • Aged gouda and strong brew
  • Brie or mozzarella and medium roast joe

Think of it like pairing wine and cheese - this is absolutely a similar concept, but sweeter as a post-meal option or morning cup snack.

Seaside Kaffeost Cheese With Coffee

What Countries Put Cheese In Their Coffee?

Scandinavia is not the only place where you can find bread cheese; when you visit Latin America and other countries, you can also find soft bread cheese paired with a coffee drink for sweetness and a buttery flavor.

Coffee With Cheese In Finland

Finland is a small Nordic country that truly values its coffee culture. Traditionally, kaffeost is heated a little before being added to a wooden birch cup filled with filter coffee.

Alternatively, you can also heat the cheese in butter before serving it with cloudberry jelly similar to camembert.

Coffee With Cheese In Sweden

The Saami were first introduced to coffee when coffee shops were first getting established in Sweden in the 17th century.

The Saami tend to stay in the northern parts of Sweden and Finland, making it more popular there, but it is possible to find kaffeost to enjoy alongside coffee drinks further south.[2]

Coffee With Cheese Kaffeost In Wooden Cup

Coffee With Cheese In Puerto Rico

When it comes to putting cheese in coffee, Puerto Rico tends to get a little creative.

Some people love to use a combination of strong espresso, a little hot chocolate mix, steamed milk, cinnamon, and a hard cheese like asiago or pecorino romano.

This brings a nutty, creamy, salty, sweet flavor profile Puerto Ricans can’t get enough of.[3]

Coffee With Cheese In Colombia

In Colombia, you can get cafe con queso or chocolate completo for your cheese-in-coffee cravings.

The cheese in question is similar to mozzarella and can be taken out and spread on bread after steeping.

Coffee With Cheese In Panama

In Panama, locals tend to keep it simple when it comes to putting cheese in coffee.

Generally, you can order black coffee with queso blanco and a little sugar in a mug for a delicious drink and tasty food combo.

Frequently Asked Cheese In Coffee Questions

What does coffee with cheese taste like?

Coffee with bread cheese or Finnish squeaky cheese tastes different depending on various factors like the cheese profile itself and brew or roast type. However, it tastes a little like a sweet halloumi before being chopped into cubes and added to coffee.

Can you put cream cheese in coffee?

You can put cream cheese in coffee, but it may become clumpy. We recommend mixing it with whipped cream and icing sugar for a delicious foam top for iced coffee.


Curious about trying bread cheese for yourself? The taste or texture may not be for everyone, but we think the flavors are divine.

Next time you find yourself about to brew some coffee at a dinner party, give other flavors like cheddar or honey a try and see if your guests like the taste.



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