I was given a Dutch Bros gift card a few months back, used it a time or two, and it just recently reemerged from under my car seat.

Like modern-day nickels and dimes under the couch cushions, I wondered if I’d be able to use it to grab myself an Iced Golden Eagle that afternoon. 

I figured there must be some way to check my gift card balance, and it turns out there are a few different ways!

I’m going to dive into each method, so no one misses out on a free drink!

How To Check Balance On Dutch Bros Gift Card?

1. Checking The Gift Card Balance Online

I actually wish I knew this was a thing before I went down to my closest Dutch Bros and held up the line so my Broista could check my balance. 

That’s right, I could’ve simply gone online and figured it out!

Go to the guest account portal, enter your card number, and check “I’m not a robot.”[1]
Dutch Bros Gift Card Check Balance Online
Alternatively, click the “Check Balance” button on the regular gift card page.[2]

For offers and more: I recommend setting up an account with Dutch Bros, registering the card on the member portal.[3]

2. Checking The Gift Card Balance In Store

I guess I’m old-school because I figured, logically, this would be the only way to check my DB gift card balance.

Gift cards will come in the form of either a physical card, or a QR code. Both can be scanned at an actual Dutch Bros location. 

For a traditional gift card, simply present it (and submit the card number) to the Broista. 

For a digital gift card, all I have to do is show my device’s screen and my Broista can simply scan the QR code. 

Person holding a Dutch Bros gift card and small sleeve

3. Checking The Gift Card Balance By Phone

In all honesty, I find this method less convenient than the other two. 

Then again, I don’t like inputting all the numbers in hopes I don’t accidentally have a typo.

Get Dutch Brothers customer service by calling (541) 955-4700.

Prepare to provide the gift card number and a few basic identifying details.

What Is A Dutch Bros Gift Card? 

Restrictions & Options

A Dutch Bros gift card is a card with a predetermined amount of money assigned to it, which can be used as an alternative to cash or debit/credit card.

They’re perfect to gift for the holidays, birthdays, or perhaps even in place of a ring for a marriage proposal (just kidding). 

Participating Dutch Bros coffee stores accept them, but note that gift cards cannot be used on Uber or DoorDash.

There is a separate page to order and send digital E-gift cards (sent by email) or physical gift cards (by mail).[4][5]

They can be ordered in quantities ranging from $5 to $100 cards. 

Oh, and you get a free sticker every time you order one!

Dutch Bros gift card surrounded by coffee beans

Can You Get Cash Back From Your Dutch Bros Gift Card?

No, you cannot get cash back from a Dutch Bros gift card. 

Required By Law

If the Dutch Bros store is in a state where a merchant must submit a certain maximum amount of the remaining cash value, one can request the maximum amount or the remaining value–whichever is smaller.[7]

Can you Sell The Card?

Dutch Bros will cancel the card if they find out it was resold to another person, so I definitely recommend against doing so.

Find A Gift Card Exchange

This rule probably pertains to the previous, where Dutch Bros will cancel the card if it’s been exchanged. 

Can You Use A Gift Card Without A Pin?

A Dutch Bros coffee gift card does not require a PIN aside from when it’s needed to check the balance online.

Either swipe the physical gift card at a DB location or have the Broista scan the digital card via QR code.

Dutch Bros gift card sitting behind a Dutch Bros drink

Common Dutch Bros Gift Card Balance Questions

Is there a gift card balance app?

There is no gift card balance in the app, per se.

However, the Dutch Bros store app displays overall balance order and pay online. 

In this way, it’s easy to check the balance of the gift card.

Do Dutch Bros gift cards expire?

No, Dutch Bros gift cards do not have an expiration date!

How can you replace a stolen or lost gift card?

Dutch Bros cannot help if a gift card is lost or stolen. 

Find Out Your Balance Today!

It’s funny how free Dutch Bros just tastes better, isn’t it? 

That’s why it’s important to know how much a Dutch Bros gift card balance is left! 

After all, it’s practically sacrilegious to let a Annihilator or Shark Attack Rebel on the house go by.


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