11 Canned Coffee Drinks (Low Calorie & No Sugar Options)

Coffee in a can may not sound all that appetizing, but nowadays, there are some great options for canned coffee drinks.

Just as you'd crack open a soda or an ice-cold beer, you can now open the fridge and grab a canned coffee that will not only taste delicious but also satisfy your caffeine craving.  

Want to know what the best canned coffees are? Check out this complete guide to the best canned coffees available in-store and online.  

There are a lot of canned coffees that are loaded with added sugar and additives, but some of the best canned coffees are actually low-sugar and low-calorie canned coffees. 

After putting our taste buds to the test, we found that these are the healthiest canned coffees right now - not to mention the most delicious!

1. Sail Away Nitro Unsweetened 

Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew

The saying at Sail Away is "Get Buzzed," and that's exactly what the brand’s Nitro Cold Brew canned coffee will do to you.[1]

Drinking Sail Away canned coffee will give you a nice caffeine buzz that’s sure to last the entire day, and that's all thanks to the whopping 220 milligrams of caffeine that it contains.

One thing in particular that sets Sail Away coffee apart from other roasters is the minimized acidity. 

The brand’s cold brew cans are 60% less acidic than the standard cup of hot coffee, making this an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t fare well with acidic coffee beverages.

Another unique thing about the company is the nitro brewing method. During the brewing process, Sail Away infuses their signature cold brew coffee with nitrogen. 

This gives coffee a cascading, creamy texture and an incredibly smooth finish, and it's one of the best canned coffees for those who enjoy smooth coffees.  

2. Boss Coffee Flash Brew  

Boss Coffee Flash Brew

Next up on the list of best canned coffees is the Boss Coffee Flash Brew.[2]

Boss is the #1 brand of canned coffee in Japan, and the company uses beans that are sourced from the best Colombian and Brazilian growing regions in the coffee belt.

The coffee is then brewed and canned in Japan by Suntory, an award-winning brand known for being the maker of Jim Beam and other whiskeys.

Boss canned coffee is available as unsweetened Black coffee or Cafe Au Lait, and the Black coffee option contains only 10 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and 140 milligrams of caffeine.

The coffee drink is made using the flash brewing method, which means that the temperature is high when brew then chilled rapidly before the canning process begins.

This allows a bolder flavor with a smoother aftertaste and virtually zero bitterness. 

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3. High Brew Cold Brew Coffee 

High Brew Coffee Cold Brew

The High Brew Cold Brew coffee cans have a signature look that most people are familiar with, but the thing that really makes this company stand out is the robust flavor that comes in every High Brew coffee drink.[3]

Speaking of flavor, this cold brew is available in 10+ different flavors, ranging from classic Black & Bold to rich Dark Chocolate Mocha. 

The company prides itself on crafting a premium, ready-to-drink cold brew that's ready whenever and wherever you are.

If you opt for the most popular Black & Bold option, you can always count on there being 0 grams of sugar, dairy-free, and 140 milligrams of caffeine. 

The 8-ounce cans may be small, but each packs a powerful punch and is made with better-for-you ingredients - so it's one of the best canned coffees for health conscious drinkers.  

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4. Rise Brewing Co. Oat Milk Nitro Cold Brew Latte 

Rise Brewing Co. Oat Milk Cold Brew Latte

If you’re the type of person that just can’t get behind black coffee, then you might consider the Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte from Rise Brewing Company.[4]

These creamy, rich canned lattes are completely dairy-free and made from a combination of oat milk and nitro cold brew.

Rise uses clean ingredients that are certified organic, non-GMO, and plant-powered in their canned lattes. 

This is a fantastic choice for vegans who enjoy coffee drinks with dairy-free, keto friendly alternatives, but even if you don't have dietary restrictions, you’ll absolutely love these frothy oat milk lattes.

In addition to the canned lattes, Rise also carries canned black cold brew as well as flavored options like vanilla, mocha, and London Fog to make it a sweet drink.  

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5. UCC Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee With Milk 

UCC Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee

Hawaiian coffee is thought to be some of the greatest on Earth, and the Kona Blend canned coffee from UCC exemplifies that.[5]

These cans come with milk and added sugars, so they’re not ideal if you’re looking for a non-dairy, sugar-free canned coffee. 

But if you’re OK with a little bit of sweetness, you’ll definitely want to give this one a try.  

While this product is made in Japan, it’s readily available all over the world, and you can even buy a case of 24 cans on Amazon for fast and easy shipping.

Best of all, this coffee was made to be enjoyed either hot or cold, so if you prefer it hot, just crack open a can, pour it into a mug, and pop it in the microwave.  

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6. Starbucks Double Shot Energy Coffee 

Starbucks Double Shot Energy

Out of all the Starbucks canned coffee options, one of the most popular is the company's Double Shot Energy Coffee.

As the name suggests, this beverage is all about giving drinkers a boost to their energy levels, and that it does!

Each can contains 135mg of caffeine from the double espresso to support focus and mental clarity throughout the day.

There are 4 different flavors available, each one blended with Starbucks' signature brewed coffee.

You can get the traditional Coffee flavor or spice things up with Mocha, Vanilla, or White Chocolate. 

For buying in bulk, it’s best to order on Amazon, but if you’re passing through a convenience store or gas station, you can easily find these cans lining the refrigerator shelves.

Just keep in mind that this isn’t considered the “healthiest” when it comes to canned coffees.

The Double Shot Energy Coffee contains a fair amount of sugar (though less sugar than other Starbucks drinks), as well as about 200 calories per can, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet.

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7. Vivic Sparkling Coffee  

Vivic Sparkling Coffee

Sparkling coffee isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan, there’s no better option than Vivic.

Vivic Sparkling Coffee comes in 5 flavor options - Sarsaparilla, Lavender, Original, Raspberry, and Zero Sugar - and each flavor is contained in an easy-to-drink 9.5-ounce can.  

The main thing that makes Vivic unique from other canned coffee brands is the use of sparkling water, which gives the cold brew a bubbly effervescence that you won't find in other canned coffees.

The company uses honest ingredients that are 100% plant-based and natural, plus each can contains about the same amount of caffeine as 1.5 shots of espresso.  

8. Black Stag Espresso With Cream Canned Coffee 

Black Stag Espresso with Cream

Most canned coffees are made by cold brewing or flash brewing the coffee beans, but Black Stag does things a bit differently.

The Black Stag Canned Espresso with cream uses real espresso made from 100% Arabica medium-roasted beans.  

After the espresso has been brewed, real cream is added to give each can a creamy finish that tastes smooth and refreshing.

Each can is small (just 6.5 ounces), but espresso is traditionally consumed in small quantities, so this is without a doubt the best canned coffee for espresso lovers.  

If you prefer cold brew in a can, Black Stag also carries traditional unsweetened cold brew.

Just like the espresso with cream, the cold brew cans are convenient, bold, and contain only the best ingredients.

9. illy Ready-to-Drink Caffè 

Illy Cold Brew Latte Macchiato

illy is a brand that just about every coffee drinker is familiar with.

This Italian family business was founded in 1933, and while most people know them for their coffee beans and accessories, the illy products are some of the best canned coffees on the market.

Each illy Ready-to-Drink Coffee comes in an 8.5-ounce can and is made with 100% Arabica blended beans.[6

The Classico Cold Brew is the best canned coffee if you're looking for no-sugar, low-calorie coffee; it has no preservatives and no sugar added, and there are just 5 calories per serving.  

In terms of ready-to-drink illy coffee options, the brand also carries canned cappuccino as well as canned latte macchiato.

The cappuccino coffee drink is balanced and smooth, while the latte is silky with a rich taste, so no matter which illy you go with, you’ll enjoy every sip.  

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10. La Colombe Caramel Draft Latte 

La Colombe Draft Latte

La Colombe Draft Lattes are flavored with caramel and use cold-pressed espresso and a frothy layer of milk to create a rich and creamy drink that you wouldn't expect from a can.[7

Each grab-and-go can is 110 calories, 5 grams of protein, and caffeine equivalent to 2 freshly brewed double espresso shots.

Although this canned latte does contain milk and sugar, it’s still considered a guilt-free option for coffee lovers looking for a convenient beverage.

Best of all, La Colombe uses nitrous oxide to create a consistently silky, thick texture as well as a specially designed sip-thru lid that enhances each and every sip.  

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11. Peet's True Iced Espresso Black & White  

Peet's Black and White True Iced Espresso

Peet’s is another big name in the coffee industry, and the company has put a lot of thought into creating a convenient yet delicious beverage for on-the-go sipping.

The Peet's True Iced Espresso Black & White cans are just 8 ounces in size, but each one will satisfy your taste buds.[8]

The Black & White coffee drink was inspired by one of the top-selling espresso drinks at Peet's coffee bars, featuring rich single origin Colombian espresso that has been naturally sweetened and combined with creamy milk.

Each can contains 100 calories, 12 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of protein.  

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Benefits Of Ready-To-Drink Canned Coffee (Is It Any Good?)

The biggest reason to buy bulk canned coffee drinks is, without a doubt, the convenience factor.

There's nothing more convenient than opening the fridge and grabbing a caffeinated beverage from the variety pack before you head out for your morning commute, especially when you compare it to labor-intensive coffee brewing methods like pour-over, drip machines, and French press.

There are, however, more benefits to drinking canned coffee than the fact that it’s simply convenient.

Canned coffee has come a long way over the years, and it’s now tastier than ever (especially if you go with one of the options listed above).

The rising quality of coffee in a can is a major benefit, and since roasters are focusing more on convenience for the consumer, quality will just continue to rise.  

Health factors are also essential to think about.[9]

In the past, most canned coffees were loaded with cane sugar, sweeteners, flavor additives, and preservatives, but now, many of the best canned coffees are just as healthy as brewing a fresh pot of coffee at home. 

In fact, they often contain just the right amount of healthy fats to give a strong flavor without the negative side effects.

Just be sure to read the nutrition facts to make sure that’s the case.  

Related Canned Coffee Drink Questions 

How is canned coffee made? 

Canned coffee is made by cold brewing coffee with room temperature water, or flash brewing, and every roaster uses a different blend of beans to create a unique flavor profile.

How do you store canned coffee? 

To store canned coffee, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Many products are shelf-stable, meaning they don't need to be refrigerated prior to consumption, but others have to be kept in the fridge.

Can brewed coffee be canned? 

Yes, brewed coffee can be canned. In fact, all the coffee you find in cans has gone through some type of brewing process. Many are cold brewed and others are flash brewed.

Can you heat canned coffee?

Yes, you can heat canned coffee. Most are meant to be enjoyed cold, though, but you can microwave it as long as you use microwave-safe mugs.

Grab One To Go Today!

Some of the best pre-made coffee drinks nowadays come in cans, so if you’re a fan of convenience and looking for an easy, on-the-go option for consuming coffee, check out the list of best canned options above. 

Some of our favorites are Sail Away, Boss, and La Colombe which are perfect for those who like coffee rich and strong, but it’s up to you to decide on the best canned coffee that your taste buds enjoy most; our recommendation is to try a few different canned coffees before landing on your favorite.


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