Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water? (Yay Or Nay)

Instant coffee, two of our favorite words side-by-side. As the name might suggest, instant coffee is one of the best ways to get that infusion of caffeine early in the morning when you’re in a rush to get to work or take the kids to school.  

While most of the time it is best to use hot water to make instant coffee as it dissolves the granules of coffee, some of us are wondering if we can make it a nice instant cup of Joe with cold water. So, read on to learn if this feat is possible with the right steps and tricks of the trade. 

Most coffee lovers will use hot water to help them prepare and enjoy their instant coffee. But as experience shows us, it does not matter what the temperature of the water you use for your coffee is. This is because the instant coffee granules are made out of liquid, and it is going to be able to dissolve again in another liquid, including cold water, hot water, and even cold milk. You might have seen this when dissolving Nescafe into cold milk. 

Just keep in mind that it is going to take a little longer to dissolve the granules with the cold water than it would with hot water. So if you are in a hurry, you should use the hot water to help get the instant coffee prepared, but if you don't have the time to get the hot water boiling, then perhaps it’s time to turn on the faucet.   

Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water? (Yay Or Nay)

How Can You Make Instant Coffee Dissolve Faster In Cold Water? 

One of the main reasons coffee granules can dissolve faster in hot water is because the heat makes the molecules move around much faster than in cold water. This helps the coffee granules to move around faster, too, causing them to dissolve.  

Unfortunately, the molecules in the cold water will be much slower, which will make it harder to get the granules to dissolve a little bit. However, there are a few options that you can try to help with overcoming this hurdle. 

One method is to use some hot water. You do not need a ton of hot water. But you can add a few tablespoons of it to the instant coffee and then mix until dissolved. Add the cold water to the coffee from there, along with some ice cubes, and the coffee will be tasty without wasting too much of your time.  

Some coffee-lovers will use a blender to help them dissolve the coffee. You can choose to add the cold water and the instant coffee to a blender and turn it on high to make the granules dissolve faster. Next, you can pour it into a cup and add in some milk and sugar if you would prefer. A traditional blender or an immersion blender will work the same.  

If you do not have some of these tools available, mixing the coffee and water with a spoon, going as quickly as possible, will be the best option. This will help dissolve the coffee faster because some of the molecules will go at a faster rate again too.  

instant coffee with cold water

How To Make Cold Brew Using Instant Coffee? 

Now, it's time for the hard-hitting questions when it comes to the instant coffee extravaganza. Can we make a cold brew using instant coffee? The short answer is yes, but, again, you must keep in mind - the colder the water, the longer the instant coffee will take to dissolve.

Putting ice into your coffee will also make it take longer to dissolve and can cause the granules to curdle. Instead, we have a better cold brew solution for you below: 

Some of the ingredients that you will need to make cold brew using instant coffee include: 

  • A mug or a glass 
  • The amount of coffee that you want to use (look at the instructions from the manufacturer) 
  • Milk and sugar if you want to use it 
  • Cold water, six ounces should work 
  • Ice cubes if you want to turn it into a proper cold brew iced coffee.  

To make this happen, you can add the coffee granules to the mug or glass that you want to use. Next, just add your preferred amount of sugar to the glass. 

Pour in just a bit of water at a time. A tablespoon or so is plenty right here. Then mix the coffee with the water until you notice that the granules are dissolved. Once that happens, you can add the rest of the water to the glass. 

Lastly, add the milk and a few ice cubes at this time or turn it into iced coffee by pouring the whole thing on top of the ice.  

How To Make An Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee?   

We know what you’re thinking: iced coffee with instant coffee? We know it sounds ridiculous, but this method of making a nice cold brew instant coffee actually works. First, you will need to choose whether to use hot or cold water. We suggest using hot water first so that it will dissolve the coffee granules faster, and then you can add ice afterward-- though it won't be as cold as using just plain cold water. 

First, you will put the water in the mug or glass and pour the instant coffee into it. Once the instant coffee is dissolved (hint: spoons help), it is time to make the iced coffee. Take the coffee and pour it over some ice or just dump a few cubes in the glass itself. 

If the water is really warm, you may need to let it sit a bit and then add some more ice to keep it cool. You may need to make the coffee a little stronger than normal or use less water in the first step to make sure the coffee doesn’t taste too watered down using this method.  

Two Iced Coffees With Instant Coffee

Can Instant Coffee Dissolve In Cold Milk? 

It is possible to dissolve instant coffee in cold milk. It is important to consider the amount of milk you decide to add to the coffee. Think about the volume of water you are using in the coffee to figure out how much milk is necessary.  

It is often best to do a good ratio between the milk and the water. For most, a 1 to 3 ratio will be a good choice. This means that you should do 1 part milk to three parts water.  

To prepare the coffee using some cold milk, you can use a similar routine that you do for hot milk. You can add the instant coffee of your choice to a cup, add in some cold milk, and then add in the cold water. You can stir to make the instant coffee dissolve into the water.  

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Cold Water Instant Coffee FAQs

What makes instant coffee instant? 

Instant coffee is made by roasting whole coffee beans, and then those beans are ground up. Once the beans are properly ground, the coffee will go through a dehydration process. Manufacturers can choose to blow hot air through the coffee grinds, or they can use a freeze-drying method. This process will provide water-soluble granules that will dissolve well in hot water.  

How much caffeine is there in instant coffee with cold water? 

Each brand of instant coffee will be a little different in the amount of caffeine that is found inside of them. However, there is an average of 28.3 milligrams of caffeine found in a teaspoon of instant coffee. The usual serving size for instant coffee will be 2 teaspoons, so you will get around 60mg per serving. 

Why does instant coffee dissolve faster in hot water? 

Hot water is going to have a higher level of molecular energy. This helps the instant coffee dissolve faster in the water when warmer. The water at a higher temperature will turn into a solvent for the instant coffee particles.  

What is the best water temperature for making instant coffee? 

When making instant coffee, the best temperature for the water will be between 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible to make it with colder or warmer water if you choose, but this temperature range tends to be the best for keeping it warm without turning the water scalding.  


So there we have it…coffee rocks, and we all know it. Whether you're looking for a cold-brewed coffee with ice or just a regular cold water coffee, instant coffee might just be the solution for you. Now it’s time to take your instant coffee-making knowledge and pour up a glass of some of that aromatic instant coffee you love so much over ice.