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Grinding your own coffee grounds can be a great way for you to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Of course, you can purchase pre ground coffee from the store, but making your own freshly ground beans from fresh and wholesome coffee beans can be an even better way to wake up in the morning.  

Most consumers would love to grind their own coffee beans, but they do not want to have a proper coffee grinder around the home, taking up space. 

This can lead them to wonder, can you grind coffee beans in a Magic Bullet?  

Our guide below will help you to see how great the Magic Bullet is for grinding coffee beans and some of the steps you can use to make a perfect cup of coffee with your Magic Bullet.

Your Magic Bullet can grind coffee beans properly just like a regular coffee grinder or burr grinders.

While this machine is not designed specifically for grinding coffee beans, it is going to be an effective tool to help you through all of the different settings that are on the machine to get your freshly roasted coffee beans.

Many consumers are surprised at how well the Magic Bullet can handle grinding coffee beans successfully. They work just like food processors.

You may have to take a few steps to get it done, but you can grind up enough coffee to put immediately into your espresso coffee machine or to store until later, without having to wait around or get your own coffee grinder too.  

The taste is really good and will not vary much from what you can get with a professional coffee grinder. You can opt for a finer grind for espresso or a coarse grind for cold brew.

You need to have some patience, though, to make sure all of the whole beans are finely ground, rather than rushing it through to get done.  

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In a Magic Bullet?

3 Simple Ways To Grind Coffee In A Magic Bullet 

Some of the simple ways that you can use the Magic Bullet to help grind your coffee include: 


The first step to use is to grind the coffee grounds. You can add them to the cup and then pick the right setting from a fine grind to a coarse grind. 

There is not a grind function available, so you will need to choose one of the others based on how coarse you prefer your grind.

It may take a few tries to help grind the coffee up, but it is effective and can make all of the ground coffee you need.  


Since the Magic Bullet is not specifically a grinder for coffee grounds, you will need to give it a little help.

While you have it grinding things up, you will need to stop occasionally and then shake the contents around.

This helps move the grounds around so the thick and big pieces can slowly make their way down to the bottom and get ground down.

You may need to do this a few times for the best results. Continue to do this until the coffee grounds are at the consistency that you want.  


After you have the coffee grounds at the right consistency, you can use a sieve to help organize it all out and press the coffee through.

You can then see which grounds are still solid and big in there and add them back to the Magic Bullet.

You can continue with this process until you get it to be the right consistency for all of the beans. Then store it well until you are ready to use the coffee.  

coffee grounds from magic bullet

How To Grind Coffee In A Magic Bullet? 

Grinding coffee in your Magic Bullet is an easy way to get the most out of the Magic Bullet and have a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

This process does not have to be difficult, which is what makes it so efficient.  

The first step is to prepare the Magic Bullet to be used. You need to take the cup and clean it out.

If anything is left in the cup, it will get mixed in with the coffee grounds and can affect the taste that you get. Cleaning it out before adding in some of the coffee grounds will make a big difference in the final taste that you have for drip coffee.  

Then it is time to fill your Magic Bullet cup with some coffee beans. You can choose the pre-ground or the fresh coffee beans.

It is often best to start with the whole bean and then grind them yourself. Fill the cup of your Magic Bullet halfway with some coffee beans to get this started.  

Then you need to take a flat blade and place it on top of the Magic Bullet, checking that it is secure.

Avoid using other blades, or it will not work as well as you want. Only a flat blade will work here. You need this blade to be placed securely on the top of the Magic Bullet so it does not fly off during grinding and hurt someone nearby.

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Magic Bullet Grinding Coffee

With the blade in place, you can secure the device. This is done by closing down all sides of the cup with firm pressure.

Then press down on the cup to help activate the blending. Five seconds is enough here before you let go. Continue to pulse until the coffee beans are ground down to the way that you like them.

After two or three pulses, take the cup off the base and shake around to help move the grounds around.  

Once you like the consistency of the coffee, take the cup off the base and pour it into a filter basket.

If the coffee will be used immediately, add it to the coffee machine to make your coffee. If you plan to use it later, store it in an airtight container. Make the coffee the way that you like.  

Take the time to clean out the Magic Bullet when you are done. The coffee grounds can get stuck inside the machine if you are not careful.

Leaving the beans in there will make that happen. You can wash it in your dishwasher and with some warm water before storing it for later.  

How To Clean The Magic Bullet After Grinding Coffee?

Once you are done grinding up your coffee in the Magic Bullet, you will need to clean it out. Failure to do this can allow the grounds to get stuck inside.

The steps you can use to clean out the Magic Bullet includes:

  • Rinse the party mug or cup for the Magic Bullet and the blade. Do this under some hot water to help remove the coffee grounds.
  • Place the blade and the cup in the dishwasher right at the top.
  • Let the dishwasher run all the way through to get the blade and cup clean.
  • Wipe the base of the Magic Bullet with a damp rag to help remove the food.
  • Put everything back together and store it until you need it again.

You must clean out the Magic Bullet after every use, especially when you are done with coffee grounds.

This helps to remove the coffee grounds from the machine and allows it to work well for years to come without coffee grounds getting stuck inside.

Disadvantages Of Using The Magic Bullet For Coffee Grinding 

While there are a lot of benefits of using the Magic Bullet for grinding your coffee, you should also consider that this can be more difficult than using a coffee grinder to get the work done.

It will work, but there are a few disadvantages to be aware of before you get started. Some of the disadvantages of using your Magic Bullet for coffee grinding includes: 

Clumping Together 

The coffee grinds tend to clump together when you use a Magic Bullet for grinding your coffee. The different settings can help grind the grounds, but they will still clump.

Frequent stopping to shake the grounds around a bit can help prevent this, but it does take a little more work.  

Inconsistent Grind 

The Magic Bullet does not have a grind function available in it. You can use the other settings to help provide the grinding for your coffee, but it can be inconsistent.

You may need to turn on the machine, turn it off, move the coffee grinds around a bit, and then grind some more.  

Lack Of Individual Grind Adjustment Setting 

When you look at a Magic Bullet, you will notice that it does not have an adjustment setting for grinding anything.

You will still be able to use it this way, but you may have to mix and match some of the other settings to make this work. This can be hard on the machine and makes it less efficient than some other choices.  

Magic Bullet Coffee Grinding FAQs

How long does it take to grind coffee in a Magic Bullet? 

Grinding the coffee in the Magic Bullet will not take long. You can turn it on to grind up the coffee for 10 seconds. Then stop and shake the container for up to 5 seconds to move the larger pieces down to the bottom. Then turn it on for another 10 seconds. Do this a few times to help the coffee get ground up.  

Will coffee grounds be clogged in my Magic Bullet? 

If you do not clean out the Magic Bullet when you are done grinding up the coffee grounds, then it is possible that these will get clogged in your Magic Bullet. If you grind them up really finely and you clean it up, you will be able to prevent the coffee grounds from clogging up the Magic Bullet. 

Is Magic Bullet a food processor or a blender? 

The neat thing about the Magic Bullet is that it works as a food processor and blender that works together. You will be able to use this to help blend, mix, slice, chop, and shred the food that you would like.  

Is the Magic Bullet the same as NutriBullet? 

The Nutribullet was actually introduced as a type of upgrade to the Magic Bullet. Both of these blenders will work the same, and they have a similar design. The Nutribullet is sometimes seen as stronger, and it is a little bit bigger if you are looking to get one that can hold more items.  


A Magic Bullet is a great tool to add to your kitchen. With many different settings available, you will be able to get it to work well for all of your coffee grinding needs. While there are no specific grinding settings on the machine, you can utilize a few of the other settings to make sure you grind the coffee and wake up with energy each morning.

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