Can You Drink Coffee With Invisalign? (Is It A Good Idea?)

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that people like to consume worldwide. It contains numerous health benefits and also provides energy for the day. However, many coffee lovers might be disappointed to hear that they should not consume coffee while wearing their Invisalign trays. In addition, dentists and orthodontists recommend that you wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours every day.  

People who love coffee and have to wear Invisalign trays are most likely wondering, "can you drink coffee with Invisalign?" We will help to answer this question and explain the best way to drink coffee for people who wear Invisalign trays. 

Dentists and orthodontists highly recommend that you drink only water while wearing Invisalign trays. If you wish to consume other types of drinks, they say to remove the Invisalign aligners. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your Invisalign trays and slowing down the progress of helping your teeth. 

Can You Drink Coffee With Invisalign? (3 Reasons Why Not)


Invisalign is made of thermoplastic, which means that they are pliable when they are exposed to heat. In fact, the molds for the Invisalign trays are created by heat. It means that hot drinks like coffee could result in the plastic twisting and the trays warping. However, if you still wish to drink coffee, you should let it cool down and consume it at room temperature.  


A dark beverage like coffee or tea could lead to the Invisalign trays getting stained and discolored. They will end up looking dirty and not so "invisible." In addition, it could also result in stains appearing on your teeth. There are many patients who will want to avoid stains and discoloration during the process of fixing their teeth through wearing Invisalign trays. 


Drinking coffee with sugar, syrup, or another type of sweetener can cause the sugar to sit on your teeth as a result of the Invisalign trays holding onto it. Sugar being held by your Invisalign aligners can lead to a higher risk of tooth decay.  

Can You Drink Coffee With Invisalign

How To Drink Coffee With Invisalign (Tips For Coffee Drinkers)

We understand that coffee lovers can struggle to move through their day without a fix of caffeine, but we are here to help you find a way to wear Invisalign trays and also continue drinking coffee at the same time. In the event that you cannot take out your Invisalign aligners, we recommend that you follow these guidelines: 

  • Let your coffee cool down before drinking it.  
  • Take out your Invisalign aligners when you arrive at work and brush your teeth and trays before you reinsert them.  
  • If you notice that your Invisalign aligners are getting stained, then you should brush and clean them.  
  • Try to cut back on drinking coffee with cream and sugar because they can potentially cause cavities during the Invisalign treatment.  
  • Always brush your teeth and your Invisalign aligners as soon as possible after drinking coffee. It will prevent your Invisalign trays from getting damaged, and it will also remove the remaining sugar and coffee in your mouth.  
  • Remember to wear your Invisalign aligners between 20 to 22 hours every day.  

You are free to enjoy your daily coffee, but remember to remove your Invisalign aligners and brush your teeth after drinking coffee. It will prevent your teeth from getting stained, and it means that you will have a white and bright smile at the end of your Invisalign treatment! 

Can I Drink Coffee With A Straw & Invisalign? 

You do not have to remove your Invisalign aligners after drinking water. However, if you do not like removing your Invisalign aligners every time that you take a sip of your coffee, then we recommend that you carefully use a straw to avoid the risk of staining your aligners and teeth.

Do not consume a beverage that is hot with a straw because it can warp the Invisalign aligners due to the fact that it is made of plastic.  

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What Happens If You Drink Coffee With Invisalign?

Everyone knows that Invisalign and coffee do not mix well together. Coffee can stain teeth, as well as aligners. If you do not take care of your teeth and Invisalign trays, drinking coffee and other hot drinks can permanently damage your aligners because heat warps plastic. It is crucial that you remember to clean your Invisalign aligners in water that is at room temperature. 

If you are going to indulge in drinking coffee, alcohol, or other beverages, and you are not going to take your Invisalign aligners out, then you should consider the following tips: 

  • Use a straw
    A straw allows the liquid to pass your teeth and aligners.
  • Rinse with water
    It is essential that you drink lots of water to rinse your teeth and remove sugar and other pigments. 
  • Buy travel toothbrush and toothpaste
    If you are going to work or somewhere else, you should definitely buy a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your teeth and Invisalign aligners after drinking or eating.
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Frequently Asked Questions On Coffee & Invisaligns 

What happens if you drink iced coffee with Invisalign? 

Dentists and orthodontists recommend that you should not consume a beverage that is too cold while wearing Invisalign aligners either. However, if you do not wish to stop or reduce your intake, then you should drink iced coffee with a straw. You can freely drink cold beverages, but remember to always take care of your teeth and Invisalign.  

Can you drink a latte with Invisalign? 

Yes, you can drink a latte at room temperature with Invisalign, even though it is not recommended by dentists or orthodontists. Always remember to brush your teeth and Invisalign as soon as you get home. 

What else should I avoid drinking while wearing Invisalign? 

Other drinks that ideally should be avoided while wearing Invisalign includes: 

  • Hot water 
  • Tea 
  • Milk 
  • Juice 
  • Soda 
  • Carbonated and/or sparkling water 
  • Wine and beer 
  • Any other alcoholic drink 
What can I drink while wearing Invisalign? 

Water is essentially the only safe type of beverage that you should drink while wearing Invisalign aligners. Drinking water will help to protect your aligners and teeth, and also help you to achieve the best results within the expected time period.  


We understand that coffee tastes good and increases productivity levels, and we believe that wearing Invisalign aligners should not mean that you have to give it up. So, if you are asking, "can I drink coffee with Invisalign?" then we hope that we have answered this question.  

It is important that you take care of your teeth and Invisalign aligners by brushing, flossing, and rinsing your plastic trays daily. Otherwise, you could slow down or ruin your progress.