Can You Bring Ground Coffee Or Beans On A Plane? (Travel Guidelines)

When traveling long-distance, it helps to take your favorite roasted coffee beans with you to gain all the numerous health benefits from coffee.

But coffee lovers going by plane might ask, "how can you bring coffee beans on a plane".  

Typically, the answer is that you can if you're traveling domestically from and to American airports. But there are some finer details to be aware of, and you'll learn them in this guide. 

That way, you can plan ahead and get your coffee fix the next time you’re thinking about how can you bring coffee grounds on a plane.  

If you’re wondering can you carry green coffee beans on a plane in your carry on bag, then the answer is yes, you can on most domestic and international flights. 

According to the rules on the TSA website, you are permitted to bring coffee in a carry on bag. 

However, if it’s more than 12 oz, it will need to be taken out for the purposes of inspection. This is done by placing it in a bin provided at the inspection point during your check-in process.  

There should be no concerns or issues flagged up, as the inspection of products like coffee grounds is simply a formality.

But the final decision does rest with the TSA officer responsible for inspecting your luggage that day. 

If you’re bringing a jar of coffee instead, then the same rules apply, except that you should probably place it out for inspection regardless of the amount.  

If you want to bring some of your favorite single serve coffee pods, you can do this as well. You can bring coffee pods without any packing restrictions. 

When it comes to bringing liquid coffee through airport security, you'll definitely have to toss it before going through TSA.

In addition, you can't bring coffee makers in carry on baggage. It must be in checked baggage only.

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Can You Bring Coffee In Your Checked Baggage? 

Are coffee beans allowed on planes is a matter that you should consider even if you're only taking it in checked baggage.

Luckily, the rules are similar to what they are for hand luggage.

You’ll need to remove it for inspection if it’s over 12 oz, and whether it gets approved is at the discretion of the TSA agent inspecting your baggage.  

However, it’s recommended that you should label any jars or blank packaging so that it’s clear what it contains.

If you can take your coffee beans or ground coffee in official retail packaging, it’s less likely to require inspection and easier to identify. 

When thinking about can you take coffee grounds on a plane, like instant coffee, it’s important to distinguish the beans from the grounds.

The latter are classed as powders, which have their own set of rules. 

But coffee grounds should still be accepted without problems.  

Coffee making equipment, coffee grinders, and coffee makers are allowed only in checked baggage. 

Bringing Coffee On An International Flight (In & Out Of The USA) 

When thinking about can you take coffee grounds on a plane or can you take coffee beans on a plane, you now know the TSA rules for domestic flights.

But international flights are a little more complicated. You’ll need to know the rules for the countries you’re traveling to and from beyond America.  

For simplicity, we’ll cover whether you can bring roasted, unroasted coffee beans, and grounds on a plane to or from Canada or the UK. 

All international flights to the USA, regardless of country of origin, will be subject to the rules we outlined above. 

Bringing coffee beans or grounds into the UK is usually fine, and restrictions only apply to brewed coffee brought in liquid form, which has to be in a container of less than 100ml in capacity, placed within a resealable plastic bag. 

As for Canada, the rules are much the same as they are for the TSA, but with the same added restriction that applies to liquid coffee on flights to the UK.  

Now you know bringing coffee grounds on a plane is permissible when arriving to the UK and Canada; you can also keep in mind the rules are the same if you're leaving the UK or Canada for an international flight.  

You may need to declare your coffee grounds or beans at customs in the airports you depart from and arrive at, so here’s a quick step-by-step guide: 

  1. 1
    Double-check the rules for all the countries your flight involves  
  2. 2
    Pack your coffee in labeled containers  
  3. 3
    Place them out for inspection if the quantity is greater than 12 oz  
  4. 4
    Bring no more than 100ml of liquid coffee, and store it as we described 
  5. 5
    Repack your bags and have a great flight!  

If you fail to declare your coffee, you could be subject to fines for non-compliance. 

Ground Coffee Or Beans On A Plane

How To Carry Coffee Beans On The Plane Safely 

If you’re thinking about can you carry ground coffee on a plane, then you'll want to know the safest way to do it.

First, you should always pack coffee beans in a sealed container. This is useful for inspection purposes and stops any coffee powder or beans from spreading around inside your bags. 

Not only can flights be turbulent, but you won’t know which way up your checked luggage will be. Ensuring you’ve not overloaded any containers is wise too.

Make sure you can seal the bag or close the lid fully before putting the coffee in your luggage. It’s also better to place it near the top of your baggage, at least before inspection. 

That helps agents from the Transportation Security Administration check your coffee when you declare it.

They’re responsible for ensuring that only legally admissible items and individuals are allowed into the US.  

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is there a country that doesn’t allow coffee on the plane? 

There don’t appear to be any countries where taking coffee on a plane is banned, but each country has its own flight rules, which could change at any time.

Therefore, it’s best to research the rules in advance so that you’re not taken by surprise.  

Can I bring liquid coffee on a plane after security? 

You can bring liquid coffee on a plane if the security personnel at the airport permit it, but typically you’ll face heavy restrictions.

For example, you can only take 100ml of liquid coffee in a clear and resealable plastic bag in the US and Canada. That means it’s best not to take it in liquid form. 

Can you bring coffee creamer on a plane? 

Yes, according to the TSA, you’ll be able to bring coffee creamer on a plane, including in your carry-on bags, up to the 3oz liquid limit.

However, it may require extra screening to open the container and verify the contents. Therefore you should place the creamer in an easily accessible part of your luggage before checking in.  

Can I bring a coffee machine on a plane? 

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to consider whether it can fit in your luggage. If it can, any sharp components like blades will need to be removed and checked in separately for security reasons.

Cords should be securely wrapped too. As long as you do this, there should be no further restrictions.  


You should now know everything you need to about the questions ‘can you bring coffee beans on a plane?’, and ‘can you bring ground coffee on a plane?’.

It’s a quick and straightforward process so long as you follow the specific rules laid out by the TSA or your equivalent national authorities.  

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Kayla Stavridis
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