12 Bottled Coffee Drinks (Best Grab-And-Go Options)

Coffee is the best, but it isn’t always quick.

In fact, it can be inconvenient to wait for it to brew, and if you're in a rush, then made-to-order coffee probably isn’t an option.

You might think that means you can’t get your morning caffeine hit, but that’s not the case because there are actually a lot of great bottled coffee drinks on the market. 

In this guide, we'll introduce the best options for you to grab and go in the morning.  

1. Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino Coffee 

Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks is probably the most famous coffee maker globally, so it's no surprise that they're the first on our list.

The Starbucks bottled mocha Frappuccino is rich, smooth, and chocolatey, and it's basically a caffeinated chocolate milkshake. 

This sweet and smooth drink tends to be popular with younger Starbucks drinkers, but it's a popular morning drink to grab if you're in a rush.

It's made with brewed Starbucks coffee, reduced-fat milk, cocoa, and sweeteners.

There are 180 calories, 31 grams of sugar, and 50mg of caffeine in a 9.5 fl oz serving, so it's not particularly healthy, but it's not as bad as a regular Starbucks Frappuccino. 

So if you like sugary and sweet Starbucks coffees but don't have much time, this is a good replacement. 

2. Starbucks Bottled Vanilla Frappuccino 

Starbucks Bottled Vanilla Frappuccino

The Starbucks vanilla Frappuccino is another very popular bottled coffee, and you'll find it in most major supermarkets.

It has the same light but sweet taste as their made-to-order version but with slightly fewer calories and less caffeine.

It's another popular option with students and younger Starbucks drinkers, and it's one of the best value Starbucks bottled frappuccinos because you can buy them in bulk. 

It even comes in a compact bottle, so it's easy to take with you for lunch or on your daily commute.

This Starbucks bottled coffee is made with brewed Starbucks coffee, low-fat milk, vanilla syrup, and sweeteners, with 200 calories, 31 grams of sugar, and 50mg of caffeine in a 9.5 fl oz serving. 

This is an excellent bottled option for those who enjoy sweet Starbucks drinks.  

3. Chameleon Cold Brew Black Coffee 

Chameleon Cold Brew

Chameleon coffee is based in Austin, Texas, and specializes in organic coffees.[1]

Their cold-brew black coffee is very strong but very smooth, and you can tell they've put a lot of thought into getting the right beans.

It’s one for coffee purists, and despite being bottled, it tastes more authentic than a lot of freshly made cold brews.

This bottled coffee is not for the faint of heart, and there's over 200mg of caffeine in a 300ml (10.5 fl oz) serving. 

They don't add any sugar or sweeteners to the cold brew, and it's only 15 calories, so it's perfect for those on a diet. 

This cold brew bottled coffee isn’t for those who like sugary lattes, but it’s a great option to grab on the go if you need a big energy boost.

4. Chameleon Cold-Brew Vanilla Coffee 

Chameleon Cold Brew Vanilla Coffee

The vanilla version of the Chameleon cold brew is a good alternative for those who prefer it a bit sweeter. 

It's just as smooth and just as strong, but with a bit of organic sugar to take out some of the bitterness.

Even though it's just as strong as the Chameleon cold brew black coffee, we find it a lot easier to drink, and it’s a better bottled coffee drink for people who usually order sweet lattes or Starbucks Frappuccinos.

There’s around 200mg of caffeine and 70 calories in a 32 fl oz bottle. This makes it slightly more calorific than the black coffee blend, but still very light compared to other coffees. 

Everything about this bottled coffee is organic, and it's a great grab-and-go alternative to perk you up at lunchtime when your energy levels start to drop.  

5. Blue Bottle Coffee New Orleans Iced Coffee 

Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a company of brewing specialists who aim to provide all the flavors of store-bought coffees to those who are on the move.

They offer a range of bottled coffee options but also sell coffee subscriptions, travel mugs, brewing kits, and accessories so you can get the perfect coffee at any time of day.  

The New Orleans iced coffee is very rich and creamy. It’s made with whole milk, chicory, and cane sugar for a bit of sweetness. 

It’s all served in a carton, and we recommend that you pour it over ice to get maximum refreshment.

There’s around 100mg of caffeine and 160 calories in a 315ml (10 fl oz) serving, so we find this is the perfect afternoon iced coffee drink. 

Sweet, creamy, and very easy to drink, the Blue Bottle Coffee New Orleans iced coffee makes an excellent alternative for latte and cappuccino lovers.  

6. Picnik Bottled Butter Coffees 

Picnik Butter Coffee

Picnik is a fairly new brand offering something entirely different from traditional coffee.

Their focus is on health and introducing a new wave of coffees that help to boost your immune system and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

The Picnik bottled butter coffee range is made with butter instead of milk or cream. The idea is that there's less sugar but still just as much creaminess, and it's suitable for increasingly popular keto diets.

I know it sounds weird, but the butter actually really works. It gives a lot of creaminess, and the fat helps to remove the need for so much sugar.

This helps those on restrictive diets from having a sugar crash later in the day. There are three different flavors: mocha latte, cappuccino, and dirty chai.

They range from 1 to 21 grams of sugar, which is low for this type of drink, and there's roughly 150mg of caffeine in each 10 fl oz pack.

We’re not 100% sure if this is a healthy bottled coffee drink, but if you're on a keto diet, then you should definitely try it.

7. Secret Squirrel's Bottled Cold Brew Coffee 

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

Secret Squirrel offers a range of bottled coffees that combine some classic flavors to enhance the coffee drinking experience.

They have caramel lattes, maple brown sugar, and lightly sweetened black coffees, so there's something for everyone, though we wouldn't say this is the healthiest bottled coffee drink.  

There are 140 calories, 10 grams of sugar, and 200mg of caffeine in an 8 fl oz serving. This is actually quite a good calorie to caffeine ratio and will give you a more significant energy boost than most made-to-order lattes. 

It tastes pretty smooth and is very easy to drink, making it a great grab-and-go option for caffeine lovers.

Secret Squirrel also offers a range of concentrated cold brew coffees, so you can add milk yourself at home or in the office. 

These are less useful on the go but give you great value for money and allow you to customize the strength of the drink yourself.  

8. Blue Island Coffee Blend  

Blue Island Cold Brew Kombucha

Blue Island has also introduced a range of healthier bottled coffee options designed to provide antioxidants and probiotics into the body - kind of like the green tea of the cold brew coffee world.[2]

They've done this by combining Kombucha with cold brew coffee to create their unique Coffeebucha.

Kombucha is an herbal green tea (very different to black tea) which is known to boost your immune system, and by combining this with cold brew, they're giving you the best of both worlds.

They offer a few different flavors, including vanilla, hazelnut, chai, and maca espresso.  

Combining coffee and green or black tea isn't something everyone will enjoy, and we have to admit that it is pretty different.

The drink is lighter in color and taste and actually a bit more refreshing than a regular cold brew. There is about 200mg of caffeine in an 11 fl oz serving, but only 10-50 calories, depending on the flavor. 

It's one of the healthiest bottled coffees and often enjoyed by green tea or black tea drinkers, but the unique flavor can take you by surprise.  

9. McDonald's McCafé Frappes 

McCafe Frappe Mocha

When you're talking about fast food and grab and go, you can't get much faster than McDonalds.

In 2018 they launched their own brand of bottled ice coffees with three flavors: mocha, vanilla, and caramel. 

These are now available in their stores or supermarkets and are one of the cheapest bottled alternatives to a store-bought Frappuccino.

The McDonald’s McCafé Frappes aren't the healthiest option, with 270 calories and 45 grams of sugar in a single 16 fl oz serving. 

These drinks do have a little caffeine boost of 105mg, but they are closer to a milkshake than a coffee. 

Nevertheless, if you love really sweet, sugary lattes and cappuccinos, then these are going to be right up your street. 

10. Coffee So Good Cashew Mocha Coffee Cold Brew  

Coffee So Good Cashew Mocha Cold Brew

Coffee So Good is an offshoot of the popular Juice So Good brand and has the same mission: to create natural drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Their range of bottled coffees with alternative kinds of milk makes them suitable for everyone and an excellent option for those looking to go dairy-free.  

The cashew mocha cold brew is made with cold press coffee, cacao, salt, and cashews. The nutty, chocolate flavor is delicious, and despite the sweetness, it packs a big caffeine kick.

There are 160 calories, 9 grams of sugar, and 150mg of caffeine in a 9 fl oz bottle. This is a great grab and go coffee drink for those who are lactose intolerant.  

11. Dunkin' Donuts Bottled Iced Coffee Beverages  

Dunkin' Donuts Bottled Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts is known for their donuts and their coffee, but they now have a range of pre-made bottled coffees so you can get your fix on the go.

They offer espresso, mocha, French vanilla, and original flavor, and they are all made with arabica coffee, milk, and sugar. These aren’t a Dunkin low-calorie option, but they do taste good.  

Each Dunkin Donut bottled iced coffee has 260 calories and 40 grams of sugar.

There’s around 150mg of caffeine in a 14 fl oz serving, so the mixture of sugar and coffee should give you a noticeable energy boost. 

Dunkin' Donuts bottled iced coffees aren't as fancy as some other bottled coffees, but they’re affordable, smooth to drink, and taste good, so they work well as a quick alternative when you’re in a hurry.

12. Coffee Love Blends A Double Shot Espresso 

Coffee Love Blends Coconut Double Shot Espresso

Coffee Love offers another dairy-free bottled coffee option that combines the strength of an arabica coffee bean espresso with the smoothness of coconut milk.

This gives you a strong pick-me-up and a great tasting bottled coffee that is suitable for those avoiding dairy.  

Coffee Love offers three flavors: vanilla latte, mochaccino, and caramel. There is a double espresso shot in each, which packs a punch, and in a single 9.5 fl oz serving, there’s 180mg of caffeine but only 50 calories. 

We really like the creamy coconut milk in this beverage, and the simple recipe makes it a great low-calorie bottled coffee drink.  

Benefits Of Ready-To-Drink Bottled Coffee 

Ready to drink bottled or canned coffee is the fastest growing variety of coffee on the market, with over 31% growth in demand in the last 2 years.

This is largely due to the popularity of the products, and people are starting to see the benefits of ready to drink bottled coffees.


Everyone loves freshly brewed coffee, but on a busy morning, it can be impractical.

Ready to drink coffee offers a quicker alternative so you can get all the same flavor and energy boost without waiting in line.

Some brands, like High Brew Coffee, even have a self heating can so you can enjoy a hot coffee instantly. 

Health Benefits  

Ready to drink coffees are increasingly made with ingredients that are beneficial to your body.

This includes antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and probiotics - these are all the good things you'll get from green tea.

Studies have even shown some bottled coffees can enhance brain functions, so it’s a better option for your health.  

Low Calorie 

Bottled or canned coffee drinks tend to have fewer calories than made-to-order alternatives.

This is generally because there's less sugar, and they’re made using more straightforward recipes.

Ready-to-drink bottled coffees also make good alternatives to regular cold drinks and can be noticeably healthier than sugary carbonated options.  

High Quality 

Ready to drink bottled coffee isn’t a particularly new concept, but for years they never really took off.

However, in the last few years, the brewing process has improved, and the quality is much higher, helping you get a great coffee drink even though it’s not been freshly made in front of you.

Energy Boost 

There's a wide variety of cold brew bottled coffees to choose from, but you can get some really high caffeine options with a massive amount of energy per fl oz.

Some cold brews will have over 200mg of caffeine in a serving, perfect for giving you a quick boost of energy on a busy day.  

Related Bottled Coffee Drink Questions 

Does bottled coffee always have caffeine? 

It depends, but the majority of bottled coffees have caffeine. However, there are some decaffeinated options that are suitable for those trying to avoid caffeine.

Can you heat up bottled iced coffee? 

Most bottled iced coffees are designed to be consumed cold, but they can usually be warmed up. High Brew Coffee make a self heating can, but be careful because most other brands aren't and the majority of bottles aren’t microwave safe.  

Is Starbucks bottled iced coffee as good as in a cup? 

Starbucks bottled iced coffee is as good as getting it in a cup from the store. It can often be slightly stronger than their made-to-order iced coffee.

Does Dunkin Donuts bottled iced coffee need to be refrigerated? 

No, Dunkin Donuts bottled or canned iced coffee can be kept and consumed safely at room temperature, so you don’t need to put them in the fridge.  

Grab One On-The- Go Today!

Some people are skeptical of bottled or canned coffee drinks, but if you pick the right one, it can be just as good, if not better, than a made-to-order coffee.

There's a lot to choose from and it really comes down to your own preference, but hopefully, this guide has introduced some bottled coffees that you’re excited to go out and try.


1. https://www.chameleoncoffee.com/products/?brewtype=ColdBrewOn-the-Go

2. https://www.loveblueisland.com/

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