Bawls Caffeine Content (How Much Is In This Energy Drink?)

Bawls has built a cult following over the last 20 years. I love it for its unique flavor and caffeine content. I enjoy Bawls, but I need to know how much caffeine is in them to know how many I can drink.

The guide below to help you make informed decisions about your caffeine intake. If you've ever reached for another BAWLS mid-afternoon, only to pause, can in hand, wondering how much caffeine you've had, this guide is for you.

Read on to discover more about Bawls caffeine content.

Bawls comes in cans and bottles, with varying levels of caffeine in each. Caffeine content depends on the size of the drink. 

So, one version of BAWLS is not 'stronger' than another, but larger drinks contain more caffeine.

A 16 fl oz can of Bawls contains 102mg of caffeine, while a 10 fl oz bottle contains 64mg of caffeine.

Fortunately, Bawls is available in a few different sizes, so there's a can or a bottle for you. If I've got a deadline to meet and I know I will be up all night, I'll grab a 16 fl oz can of BAWLS, packing a 102 mg caffeine punch.

If I just need something to help me through the day, I'll get a 10 fl oz bottle of Bawls with 64 mg of caffeine.





21.5 mg


8.45 fl oz (250ml)

54 mg


10 fl oz bottle

64 mg


12 fl oz

76.5 mg


16 fl oz can

102 mg


Exploring the Flavorful World of Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls offers a wide range of flavors to keep everyone satisfied.[1]

Each flavor has 64 mg of caffeine per 10 fl oz or 102 mg per 16 fl oz. The caffeine content varies depending on the size of your beverage, not within the flavors.

  • Original: The original Bawls I grew up on is crisp, refreshing, and unique. It tastes a bit like a cross between a lemon & lime soda and a cream soda. That flavor comes from the Guarana used for caffeine.
  • Zero: Zero is the sugar-free version of the original Bawls I drink if I need to watch my sugar. It is sweetened with sucralose and has the same delicious BAWLS flavor (and fuel) without the sugar.
  • Ginger: Ginger is a caffeinated ginger ale made with ginger and citrus flavors for a crisp, clean taste.
  • Cherry Cola: Cherry Cola is a classic cola with a delicious cherry twist and the famous BAWLS Guarana kick.
  • Cherry: Cherry is the same as the original with a cherry twist.
  • Root Beer: Your favorite root beer is probably caffeine-free, but Bawls Root Beer has its signature Guarana kick. It's a sweet and creamy root beer that will keep you energized.
  • Orange: Orange has a smooth, refreshing Mandarin orange flavor that keeps me perked up at work.
Flavors Of Bawls Guarana

What Exactly Is Bawls Energy Drink? (Ingredients & Nutrition)


Bawls cola was first introduced in 1996 by the Bawls Guarana company. The company was founded by Hoby Buppert, who was inspired to create a unique, high-caffeine cola drink after discovering guarana while traveling to South America in Brazil.

Remember, this was before the term “energy drink” was around, so Bawls was ahead of its time.

According to Buppert, the hilarious name "Bawls" stands for “Brazilian American Wildlife Society.” It makes sense because its main ingredient is harvested from Brazil.

My first experience with Bawls was during a late-night study session (or was it during LAN parties?) back in the early 2000s, and it was unlike anything I had tried before.

It quickly gained popularity among gamers, students, and other young adults seeking a caffeine boost without the harsh taste of today's typical energy drinks.


Bawls cola boasts that it is made with natural ingredients. The main ingredients in Bawls are:

  • high fructose corn syrup
  • carbonated water
  • artificial flavors, natural flavors
  • citric acid, caramel color
  • sodium benzoate
  • phosphoric acid

The star of the show, though, is the guarana extract, a caffeine-rich elixir that's the heartbeat of this energy-boosting brew.

Bawls contains 150 calories, 41g of carbohydrates, 41g of sugar, and 0g of protein.

Bawls Guarana Orange With Oranges

Nutrition Facts

This energy drink doesn't have vitamins and minerals like many other brands and is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.

However, Bawls still provides a healthy energy boost mainly because it uses Guarana berries for caffeine.

The caffeine in Bawls from the Guarana berry gives users a clean, long-lasting burst of energy that lasts for hours without the jittery feeling that other caffeinated drinks can cause.

Guarana berry also contains B vitamins, essential vitamins that help the body produce energy and regulate metabolism.

The Guarana is also believed to have various health benefits for your body, including reducing fatigue, improving mental performance, and promoting weight loss.

Please note that while these health benefits are often associated with guarana, more research is needed to understand its effects fully.[2]

Ultimate Caffeine Showdown: Bawls Vs Other Beverages!

Bawls Vs Red Bull

Red Bull was the first mainstream energy drink. A classic Red Bull has a caffeine content of 80 mg per 8.46 fl oz can compared to the 102 mg in a 16 oz bottle of Bawls. If Red Bull gives you wings, Bawls, with even more caffeine content, must give you a jetpack!

That extra push from Bawls makes it ideal if you want to power through a late-night gaming session. However, by drinking two Red Bulls (just over the liquid in one Bawls), Red Bull will have the upper hand, giving it more caffeine per ounce.

Bawls Vs Coffee

The go-to caffeinated beverage for most people is coffee. An eight oz cup of coffee has 90 mg of caffeine. That's pretty close to the 102 mg in a 16 oz bottle of Bawls, and the difference might seem insignificant.

However, with BAWLS, you get a slightly higher caffeine boost, the unique, crisp flavor of the soda, and the convenience of a grab-and-go bottle—no waiting in line at Starbucks for someone to mispronounce your name.

Bawls Vs Black Tea

Sixteen ounces of Bawls has an invigorating 102 milligrams of caffeine. That makes it a monster compared to an eight oz cup of black tea with just 35-50 milligrams.

The comparison shows us that black tea offers a gentler lift-off and won’t give you the jitters, but with a looming deadline, Bawls will give you the energy surge you need.

Bawls Vs Other Sodas & Cola Drinks

The 102 mg of caffeine in 16 ounces of Bawls is significantly more than any soda you'll find.

That's more than double what you'd get from a 12 oz can of Mountain Dew, which has 52 mg and is the highest among popular sodas.

Switching to Bawls for my late-night cram sessions instead of Pepsi, my go-to soft drink with only 38 mg of caffeine, gave me an extra energy boost and kept me alert and in the zone.

While I enjoy a Diet Coke now and then, its caffeine content is 45 milligrams in a 12 oz can. That soft drink doesn't pack the same punch as Bawls, either.

Bawls Guarana Orange With Oranges

Related Bawls Energy Drink Questions

What does Bawls energy drink taste like?

Bawls cola tastes like a cross between a cream soda and a lemon & lime soda. It has a unique taste, very different from other energy drinks.

When was Bawls founded?

Bawls was founded in 1996 after the founder, Hoby Buppert, discovered Guarana while traveling to Brazil.

Who owns Bawls Soda?

Jon Gunnerson owns Bawls Soda as the CEO of BAWLS Acquisition & Solvi Acquisition. Buppert was forced out of his ownership role in 2009.

Does BAWLS expire?

Bawls does not expire. The product does not have an expiration date.

What are the benefits of caffeine?

As a potent stimulant, the benefits of caffeine include:

  • mental clarity
  • heightened alertness
  • enhanced cognitive function and memory recall


With its high levels of caffeine and satisfying flavors, Bawls is an excellent alternative to your daily coffee or soda.

Whether you need an extra kick to power through the day or crave a delicious pick-me-up, Bawls has you covered. Try it and experience it for yourself!



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