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Alterra Coffee

2999 N. Humboldt Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53212

  • Phone: 877.273.3747 
  • Email: 
Alterra Coffee Training

Meet the needs of people at all experience levels and situations – including people opening a new café, baristas involved in barista competitions and anyone wishing to continue exploring the world of espresso. The five standard courses on offer are Espresso 101, Espresso 202, Latte Art, Single Origin Espresso and Manual Brewing.

Bartenders On the Go

Milwaukee, WI 53218, United States

  • Phone: (414) 899-6151 
  • Email: 
bartenders on the go

Bartenders On the go is a professional Bartending Service that specializes in Martini Bars, Themed Events, Weddings, Wine Tastings, and any type of social event.

Milwaukee Bartending School

8626 W National Ave, West Allis, WI 53227, United States

  • Phone: +1 352-238-7229
  • Email: 
national bartending school

Mixology and the world of cocktails is quickly evolving, no more so than in the past few years. There is a resurgence in the need for cocktail excellence and dedicated mixologists in current times. National Bartending has taken notice.

Always at the forefront, we strive to connect individuals and businesses with the tools and foundation to improve their bartending game. We bring you to the cutting edge of this cocktail renaissance.

Whether it’s through team building, cocktail know how, or interactive bartending events, National Bartending is the leader in Southern California. We can and will connect you to a new way to think about alcohol!

Stone Creek Coffee

422 N. 5th Street Milwaukee, WI 53203

  • Phone: 414.270.1008 
  • Email: 
Stone Creek Coffee logo

Stone Creek Coffee has been roasting farm to cup coffee in Milwaukee since 1993. Stone Creek Coffee seeks to be a force for good in their local Milwaukee community. They provide different public classes including Home Brewing Methods, Espresso 101 & Latte Art. 

Training Ground Coffee Shop

Racine County, 730 Wisconsin Ave, Racine, WI 53403

  • Phone: 262-636-3774
  • Email: 
Training Ground Coffee Shop logo

Located at Racine County Workforce Solutions, Training Grounds coffee shop provides employment and training opportunities to local residents who are keen to increase their coffee making related skills in cafe and barista workplaces. 

Common Questions About Barista Training In Wisconsin

How long does barista training in Wisconsin take?

Barista training in Wisconsin takes anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the intensity of the course you choose.

How much does barista training in Wisconsin cost?

Barista training in Wisconsin can cost anywhere between $60 for a basic espresso course to $250 for a barista fundamentals class.

Want to become a Barista but not sure where to start?

Begin with an online course so you start your coffee journey today!

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Kayla Stavridis

Head of Marketing

Kayla Stavridis
Kayla Stavridis is a coffee enthusiast and Head of Marketing for Barista HQ. She blends her professional insights and experience with a deep passion for all things coffee. Kayla offers a unique, hands-on perspective on coffee culture and trends. You can find her sipping a cold brew with just a touch of milk on the beach in the afternoon and a Corona with lime in the evening.

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