Barista Training Ohio

Espresso Guild

1801 Mills Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45212

  • Phone: 513.351.1447 
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Barista Training Ohio

Espresso Guild offers a variety of courses including espresso basics, advanced espresso preparation, advanced latte art, and coffee tasting and brewing.

Crimson Cup Coffee

700 Alum Creek Dr, Columbus, OH 43205, United States

  • Phone: 614.252.3335
  • Email: 
Crimson Cup Coffee

We have roasted exceptional craft and specialty coffees in Columbus since 1991, earning awards at numerous national competitions including the Good Food Award, Golden Bean North America, and Roast magazine’s Roaster of the Year.

Our team travels the globe to build mutually beneficial grower relationships and invest in life-enriching projects through our unique Friend2Farmer program. We teach entrepreneurs how to open and operate successful independent coffee shops. We also operate our own coffee shops in Columbus and Tallmadge.

One Line Coffee

41 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215

  • Phone: 614.754.8356 
  • Email: 
one line coffee

Offerings include a Professional Barista Development series, special workshops targeted to the home barista/brewer, and of course, our regular weekly Public Cuppings.

Troubadour Coffee Roasters

Fairview Park, OH

  • Phone: (216) 647-6419 
  • Email:
Troubadour Coffee Roasters

Teaches barista skills paired with personal instruction and consultation to give you the tools you need to feel confident about opening and/or operating a coffee business and working in it as a barista.

Common Questions About Barista Training In Ohio

How long does barista training in Ohio take?

Barista training in Ohio typically takes at least 3-14 days depending on the course you sign up for. Some classes will meet in person for an hour or two a day. Online classes will let you work at your own pace but require a certain number of minimum hours per day.

How much does barista training in Ohio cost?

Barista training in Ohio can cost as little as $100 and upwards of $500. This will largely depend on the school, instruction type, and instructor.

Want to become a Barista but not sure where to start?

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Head of Marketing

Kayla Stavridis
Kayla Stavridis is a coffee enthusiast and Head of Marketing for Barista HQ. She blends her professional insights and experience with a deep passion for all things coffee. Kayla offers a unique, hands-on perspective on coffee culture and trends. You can find her sipping a cold brew with just a touch of milk on the beach in the afternoon and a Corona with lime in the evening.

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