Barista Training Florida

by Romeo Abaquita

Barista Training Florida

Below you may find a list of places that provide barista training in Florida

SIPS Espresso Service Supply – Barista Academy

3904 Corporex Park Drive, Suite 102, Tampa, FL 33619

At the SIPS Barista Academy you will learn the history of Espresso, the true Italian methods of espresso drink making, and the importance of the correct espresso grind. Additionally they cover how to properly care & maintain espresso machines, water filtration, American coffee/tea brewers, espresso grinders, and commercial blenders. The latter part of the course is hand-ons and encapsulates the hottest trends in cafe menus; gourmet tea, frappuccinos, and fruit smoothies..

Phone: 813.627.9200

SIPS Espresso Service Supply

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