Barista Training California

Ivy League Barista Academy

1150 Joshua Way Vista, CA 92081

  • Phone: 866.512.6748 
  • Email: 
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The Ivy League Barista Academy offers introductory and advanced barista training as well as courses designed for people wishing to learn about operating a gourmet coffee business.

Klatch Roasting

1848 W. 11th Street, Suite A, Upland, CA 91786

  • Phone: 877.4.KLATCH 
  • Email: 
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Klatch Roasting offers training by private appointment, or a selection of 1 or 3 day coffee training courses and latte art classes.

West Coast Specialty Coffee

8 Adrian Court, Burlingame, CA 94010

  • Phone: 650.259.9308 
  • Email: 

Specialty Coffee offers hand on workshops in the area of roasting and brewing. They will leave the student with a wide range of experience in evaluating all aspects of coffee character, roast development, grinding and brewing parameters.

LA Coffee School

940 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • Phone: 541.317.0555 
  • Email: 

The Los Angeles Coffee Business School is ideally suited to people wanting to learn the essential factors in setting up a coffee business.

Boot Coffee

28 Reed Street, Mill Valley, CA 9494

  • Phone: 415.380.1999
  • Email: 
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Over three courses are available, which combined can take you through every critical step of the cherry to roasted bean. The coffee courses include roast profiling and cupping, advanced roasting, single origins and creating blends.

Johnnie’s Coffee Training Programs & Consulting

Los Angeles, CA

  • Phone: 310.990.2704 
  • Email: 

Johnnie’s provides training programs to teach everything about operating a coffee business. Separately, there are barista courses available on how to become a barista which includes hands on training.