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Coffee and LA go hand in hand. Many people take up cafe jobs to help supplement their income as they aim to breakthrough in Hollywood.

Others prefer the easy going nature of casual work and barista jobs suitable for their lifestyle.

Whatever the case for you, Los Angeles offers coffee jobs galore. Finding a Barista school is the first step to new employment so check out our list below.

Boot Coffee

28 Reed Street, Mill Valley, CA 9494

  • Phone: 415.380.1999
  • Email: 
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The team at Boot Coffee Campus are experts when it comes to education and training in the coffee space.

They have in-person and online courses available, which take you through a range of skills.

The coffee courses include roast profiling and cupping, advanced roasting, single origins and creating blends.

For basic barista espresso training to starting your own cafe, the team at Boot is the best place to learn everything there is to know about coffee.

Ivy League Barista Academy

1150 Joshua Way Vista, CA 92081

  • Phone: 866.512.6748 
  • Email: 
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The Ivy League Barista Academy offers introductory and advanced barista training as well as courses designed for people wishing to learn about operating a gourmet coffee business.

Klatch Roasting

1848 W. 11th Street, Suite A, Upland, CA 91786

  • Phone: 877.4.KLATCH 
  • Email: 
klatch coffee logo

Klatch Roasting offers training by private appointment, or a selection of 1 or 3 day coffee training courses and latte art classes.

West Coast Specialty Coffee

8 Adrian Court, Burlingame, CA 94010

  • Phone: 650.259.9308 
  • Email: 
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Specialty Coffee offers hand on workshops in the area of roasting and brewing.

They will leave the student with a wide range of experience in evaluating all aspects of coffee character, roast development, grinding and brewing parameters.

LA Coffee School

940 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • Phone: 541.317.0555 
  • Email: 

The Los Angeles Coffee Business School is ideally suited to people wanting to learn the essential factors in setting up a coffee business.

Johnnie’s Coffee Training Programs & Consulting

Los Angeles, CA

  • Phone: 310.990.2704 
  • Email: 

Johnnie’s provides training programs to teach everything about operating a coffee business.

Separately, there are barista courses available on how to become a barista which includes hands on training.

Coffee Courses

619 Lindaro St, San Rafael, CA 94901

  • Phone: (888) 814-4347
  • Email: 
iced coffee

Coffee Courses offer courses in the art and science of coffee tasting, roasting, quality management, green coffee production, brewing, barista skills and enjoying coffee.

Specialty Coffee Association (US Office)

117 W 4th St STE 300, Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Phone: (209) 574-5500 
  • Email: 
Specialty Coffee Association logo

Specialty Coffee Association offer the Coffee Skills Program consists of five different modules and one introductory course.

The five specialist modules are Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills.

Counter Culture Coffee

1601 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

  • Phone: (888) 238-5282
  • Email: 
counter culture coffee logo

Counter Culture Coffee has training center that is designed to be a hub that fosters coffee education.

These facilities are homebase to our regional support teams, and also a place for our exclusive wholesale partners to train, practice, and explore the potential of coffee and equipment.

YWAM Coffee School

 9010 Florida Blvd, Walker, LA 70785

  • Phone:(985) 205-9479
  • Email: 

YWAM Coffee School provides the SCA Education System within its design. Our school provides access to the top coffee qualifications in the world.

Common Questions About Barista Training In California

How much does barista training cost in California?

In California, barista training costs anywhere from $100 to $1,795 depending on the course you sign up for and the required class materials. 

How long does barista training in California take?

Barista training in California takes anywhere from 1 to 14 days depending on the course you take. In person courses may offer an intensive 4-day class.

While online programs may require up to 30 hours of online training.

Want to become a Barista but not sure where to start?

Begin with an online course so you start your coffee journey today!

  • 12 Available Courses
  • 3000+ Members
  • Lifetime Access

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Kayla Stavridis
Kayla Stavridis is a coffee enthusiast and Head of Marketing for Barista HQ. She blends her professional insights and experience with a deep passion for all things coffee. Kayla offers a unique, hands-on perspective on coffee culture and trends. You can find her sipping a cold brew with just a touch of milk on the beach in the afternoon and a Corona with lime in the evening.

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