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Alaska is known for its world-class fishing and outdoor adventures. Alaska also gets the most snow out of any US state, so you know they have to keep warm with a morning cup of coffee.

If you're interested in becoming a barista in this outdoor adventure state, check out our guide to the best barista training in Alaska.

Kaladi Coffee Academy

6921 Brayton Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507

  • Phone: 907.644.7401
  • Email: 
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Kaladi offers barista training in Anchorage, with a basic class and advanced drink-making class to choose from. The basic coffee class covers the fundamentals of coffee preparation from espresso basics, grind adjustments, drink variations and milk temperatures.

Before attending the advanced drink-making class, students must first complete the basic coffee class. The advanced coffee class includes pulling shots and foaming milk to assembling drinks.

Caffé D'arte Alaska

6436 Homer Drive Anchorage, AK 99518

  • Phone: (907)333-3626 
  • Email: 
caffe de arte

Our extensive three hour training class includes hands-on espresso skills development, as well as a comprehensive background on the coffee process, drink preparation and recipes, and much more!

Students will leave class with some major barista skills and coffee knowledge!

Common Questions About Barista Training In Alaska

How long does barista training in Alaska take?

Barista training in Alaska can take as little as 3 hours to as long as 1 week depending on the course and school.

How much does barista training in Alaska cost?

Barista training in Alaska costs anywhere between $40-$150. The overall course cost will depend on the school and skills being trained.

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