Karmy Widjaja

Karmy Widjaja

Coffee Journalist
Barista Skills
Coffee Machine Maintenance
My favorite drink? I'd go with... flat white with almond milk.


  • Experienced hospitality administrator with a passion for coffee.
  • Holds a degree in Hospitality Administration from Boston.


  • As a dedicated hospitality administrator and coffee journalist, Karmy brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the world of coffee. With a degree in Hospitality Administration from Boston, Karmy combines her expertise in hospitality with her love for the art of coffee.


  • Karmy's writing is rooted in personal experience and total honesty. She takes her readers on a journey through the world of coffee, sharing insights and stories that reflect her genuine passion. Her unique perspective and dedication to authenticity set her work apart.


  • Beyond her writing, Karmy enjoys swimming and surfing in her free time, finding inspiration in the waves and the serene waters. Her love for the ocean mirrors her deep appreciation for the rich and diverse world of coffee.

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