What Happens If You Drink Too Much Coffee In ACNH?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a wonderfully relaxing simulation game that lets you live on a tropical island with cute animal friends.[1]

It is possible to drink coffee with Brewster the Pigeon, but in ACNH, too much coffee in the coffee shop is tempting.

Have you wondered if there such a thing as too much coffee in Animal Crossing?

We share the facts down below.

Does Coffee Do Anything In ACNH?

Once you recruit Brewster the Pigeon onto your island and help him open The Roost, you can visit anytime.[2]

This Animal Crossing tradition is reminiscent of past games like Wild World[3], where you could have delicious pixelated hot bean water while watching a K.K. Slider show.

Now, for 200 Bells a cup, it is possible to enjoy a relaxing moment away from the bustle of island life with everyone’s favorite gruff barista at the coffee shop.

Like other food and drink, it is possible to drink the coffee in Animal Crossing and replicate your cozy morning coffee run.

You can also invite friends or various villagers to spend time with you there, catching up while enjoying a delicious pigeon milk brew.

Sometimes, you can even see characters stopping by for a brew as part of their daily routine and having a chat with them.

Alternatively, you can order one to-go and sip it for extra energy to break rocks and move entire trees to other parts of the island.

This extra caffeine boost can also help you become luckier when catching fish or bugs around the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Brewster's Cafe

The Advantages Of Drinking Coffee In ACNH

The simulated cafe experience and additional energy are what drive most players to seek out our feathery friend’s hand-crafted blends.

Part of the joy of New Horizons is the ability to customize your entire island, with some players taking hours to ensure everything is perfect.

For certain tasks, like hitting rocks with a shovel or moving trees around, you need a lot of time and effort to remove them completely from a spot.

This is where the coffee comes in. Not only that, but you get better at catching wildlife for your museum and can enjoy time with your favorite villagers or friends - a win all-round.

Additionally, drinking coffee regularly at The Roost will also allow you to get closer to Brewster.

As with the Able sisters, getting to know the gruff pigeon can take some time but comes with delightful benefits.

While he may not say so, he shows he cares about you by customizing your drink for you and giving you gifts like coffee plants and coffee equipment for your home.[4]

ACNH Brewster and the Roost

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest installment in the Animal Crossing game series.

Published on the Nintendo Switch in 2020, this cozy family game simulates living on a tropical island with cute anthropomorphic villagers.

You can relax while going fishing or fossil hunting or getting to know your fellow islanders. You can even explore other islands and craft items to customize your new home.

Alongside the cute art style, a unique element of Animal Crossing is its real-time clock, following real-time gameplay to simulate changing seasons and times of the day.

Even the music and landscape will change depending on where you are in the world and what time of year it is.

This beloved game comes nearly eight years after the previous mainline game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf[5], and three years after the release of the spin-off mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp[6].

The timing of the game’s release was critical to its success, as was the first console game to reach five million sales in a month.

Not only that, but it won the Best Family Game at the Game Awards 2020.[7]

In 2021, the popular game gained additional DLC content in the form of Happy Home Paradise.[8]

This welcome addition lets you create vacation homes for various characters as a relaxed side hustle and unlock exclusive content.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Can You Have In Animal Crossing?

When it comes to enjoying The Roost coffee shop, is there such a thing as too much coffee in Animal Crossing?

As long as you have at least 200 Bells in your virtual account to buy coffee, you can have as much coffee as you want.

Your character will not experience any of the negative effects associated with real-life caffeine overdosing, such as headaches and nausea.

In fact, it is encouraged that you get your usual coffee order at least once a day so you can progress your relationship with Brewster.

By sitting with him for multiple days enjoying hot coffee, you can unlock the option to drink takeout coffee, which brings stamina benefits.

While it is not possible to drink too much coffee and face sleeplessness, the game does check in on you.

Nintendo games like Animal Crossing often gently remind you to take breaks, stretch, and take care of yourself while playing. One way is through Brewster’s warnings.

After drinking two cups in a row, Brewster will warn you to be careful to not drink too much coffee or it may affect you poorly.

While somewhat useless in the game practically, it is a good reminder to care for your body and that Brewster cares about you.

ACNH Too Much Coffee

What Happens If You Tell Brewster The Coffee Is Too Hot?

When you choose to sit in to order your cup of joe, Brewster will take your money and siphon you a fresh black coffee.

As he gently serves it to you from across the bar, he will let you know that the flavors peak at above 176 degrees, meaning that you should enjoy it hot.

However, you can choose to tell him it is too hot and wait.

When you do this, you unlock a funny interaction with the feathery barista. He will avoid saying anything the first couple of times, silently judging you as you let it go cold.

Soon, he will ask if you prefer it on the lukewarm side, letting you know his disagreement with his wording.

After that, you can continue to wait on your coffee, feeling his eyes boring into you from across the elegant wooden bar.

If you do prefer your coffee cool, wait for it to cool a few times, and Brewster will ask if you want him to cool it down before serving it to you in the future.

This is a mark that he is getting closer to you and wants to continue your blossoming friendship by taking into consideration your preferences when it comes to java.

While his judgment may be funny or awkward for some, it may be perfectly relatable for the picky coffee expert.

How To Get Takeout Coffee ACNH?

While sitting and drinking your pigeon milk coffee, watching Brewster wash his coffee cups is nice; you may want to have your additional cup of coffee to go.

After sipping on three cups of coffee in-house, Brewster installs a side counter for you. Here you can get takeaway coffee that ups your stamina.

This takeout coffee is available to purchase for 300 Bells and comes as a tool item you can equip in the tool wheel.

Takeout coffee has a total of three sips and three energy available to help you smash rocks and dig up trees while decorating your island.

You can also choose to give it to another villager for a fun conversation that makes their day. At times, you may even run into other characters, like Timmy and Isabelle, getting the morning going.

As there is no such thing as too much coffee or too much caffeine in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can choose to have one cup of coffee in The Roost and take another to-go without having to face sleeplessness or other caffeine issues.

However, Brewster will not serve it to you if you do not have the Bells.

When it comes to Happy Home Designer, you must work to get takeout coffee for your vacationing animals.

Once you have completed your 27th vacation home, takeout coffee will be available for 300 Poki.

ACNH Coffee To Go

The Role of Coffee Beans in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Coffee beans are a miscellaneous item that can be placed around your home or island background details but cannot be brewed into coffee.

These coffee beans can be customized by Cyrus over on Harv’s Island for 1000 Bells to reflect different blends.

Once you have unlocked Cyrus in Re-Tail, these blends can be made into Decaf, Blue Mountain, Kilamanjaro, Mocha, and Original.

You can also purchase these coffees from your Nook or Wardell catalog for 1000 Bells or 900 Poki, respectively.

Can You Make Coffee In ACNH?

It is not currently possible to make coffee in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can only buy it from The Roost, cafe, or catalogs.

Frequently Asked Drinking Coffee In ACNH Questions

What happens if you don’t have enough bells for coffee?

If you are alone and broke, Brewster will not serve you coffee and lets you know that he does not use tabs.

If you are out at a friend’s island with no money and try to order, Brewster will choose to serve you water instead.

What happens if you keep buying coffee from Brewster?

By repeatedly choosing to request coffee from Brewster, you will slowly get that grumpy barista to warm up to you.

This process does take a few trips on different days, but Brewster will show he cares by giving you various gifts over time.

Will Brewster give you iced coffee?

Brewster does not serve iced coffee as the flavor peaks at over 176 degrees.

However, it is possible to purchase iced coffee in Nook’s Cranny for 800 Bells, at the cafe for 720 Bells, or 720 Poki in Happy Home Designer.

Why does Brewster ask if you want pigeon milk in your coffee?

Brewster may ask if you would like Pigeon milk in your coffee, which helps lighten the flavor and elevate the taste of your brew.

Fortunately, it seems to work just like any milk or milk alternative in our world.

Can you work for Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

No, not in the current version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In New Leaf, it was possible to get a part-time job working for our Brewster, but not anymore.


There is no such thing as a limit on coffee drinking when it comes to your local island coffee shop.

We’ve answered that in Animal Crossing, there is no such thing as too much coffee - unlike in real life.

We love the new features that came with the 2.0 update as well as the DLC and hope you enjoy replicating that cozy cafe experience with none of the caffeine jitters.


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