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At Barista HQ we provide a platform for people, wether you are a professional Barista or a lover of coffee wanting to bring a cafe feel to you own home, to read reviews about all things coffee related. Our vision is to make it easy to make the right decision when it comes to purchase a new coffee machine or coffee accessories

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Barista Headquarters is the place to find everything you need to become an accomplished Barista. If you are looking for employment as a barista, currently employed as a barista, want to become an expert at home, or own your own café or restaurant and want to learn the skills required to serve up the finest quality coffee your customers will keep coming back for, this website will be a valuable resource to help you find all the various types of barista training you might be after.

For those seeking employment, becoming a skilled barista can provide you with the ability to earn a consistently reliable income. We realise that without having the opportunity to learn on the job, it can be challenging to find a way prepare to enter the Barista world and start applying for jobs.

It is also a craft many Café and restaurant owners should aim to harness in order to critically evaluate their coffee beverage offerings and tweak where required, which can lead to substantially improved sales. And there can be busy periods when it would be convenient to be able to throw on your barista hat to ensure your customers are receiving optimal service.

Additionally, some of you who are already experienced baristas may be wondering how to refine your expertise further – such as mastering the magic of latte art or executing the perfect cinnamon spice mocha – but not understanding what your options are or where you can get training from.

These are the reasons why we’ve created the barista training directory and barista library at, to help steer you in the right direction.

Our mission is to provide you with honest, accurate, and useful reviews that let you make an informed decision about what product is best for your needs and requirements.

Our comprehensive buyer’s guides will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on what to buy and what to avoid. Our aim is to provide the best answers for a wide range of coffee topics so you can make confident choices and ultimately find solutions to your problems.

We leverage our team’s personal experiences, knowledge, and professional expertise and combine that with hours of research to bring you helpful reviews to make your buying decisions as easy as possible.

We pride ourselves on following high-quality journalistic standards and ethics, and we maintain editorial independence to aid you in making the right choice for your needs.

Want to know more? If you have any questions or comments then please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.